Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Credit Card for Kids???

I saw a little clip from the Chew that had me thinking.  Have you heard of giving your child their allowance on a credit or debit card so that they can learn to budget?  Check out this clip!  The hosts and audience think that it is a good idea.  On the surface, I think that it is a good idea but then I also wonder what age kids start understand the concept of money instead of just having paper money in their hands. 

Tell me friends with younger kids think that you will use this in the future and any with older kids, is this what allowance has come to??  I really need some help on this because my husband and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to allowance because I never had one growing up so I don't agree to give one to my son.

There are tons of websites out there with advice every way including this one and this one to tell you what to decide and what cards to choose to do it with.  But just like with recipes, I prefer to go right to the source.  Would you pay your kids allowance to a credit/debit card and what age??

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  1. I too never had an allowance. And I never gave any of my children (which we raised 7). I always felt you are part of a family and we all pitch in to do things around the house to keep it running smoothly. That is just my thought on this. If they wanted to go to the movies etc we always just gave them money for special things they wanted to do.


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