Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Budget Review

This month was a little crazy in the shopping department and I can't really figure out why except there were a lot of good deals out there that I didn't seem to be able to pass up.  I tried to make it to the store to get most of the deals although the end of the month came a little too quickly and the expiration of many of the coupons that were burning a hole in my pocket.

I was hoping to get a few more trips in to get some freebies but then the month got even more busy when we walked through a house and found our new house!  We wrote the contract and amazingly it got accepted and ratified quickly (which in this area is hard because there are multiple bids on all of the houses).  We did the home inspection and they found nothing major wrong with it so we did the happy dance and we are moving forward with closing on the 14th.  I can't believe how quickly this is moving but we are excited to start our new life in the new house!!

Sadly, this is putting some confusion in the shopping plan because we don't know when we are really going to be moving.  We are going to be doing renovations on the new house while still living in the old one so it is going to be a little bit still but I am hoping to cut down on the shopping trips for the next couple months but I do have to buy a turkey when they go on sale this month for Christmas dinner.  This is the time of year that I usually stock up on baking supplies so I am trying to make some decisions between getting the items on sale and having to move 40 lbs of flour.  I guess you will have to stay tuned to see what wins!!

$47.40 Aldi

I seem to need a once a month trip to Aldi's and I get most of the items I need for the month like lettuce, potatoes, butter, crackers and some chicken fingers in this trip and they lasted for most of the month.

$14.38 (and $10 on gift card) Giant

I needed to get toilet paper and paper towels so I was looking for a good deal so that I could get something with my $10 gift card and it turns out that I found a deal if I bought three things so it took me a little bit to put together the best deal but I was excited to get this and spend so little out of pocket with the instant $7 savings, sale prices and coupons.  I was a little sad when I realized that I forgot to spend the $5 off $15 that I had in the car!!  Saved it and used it at Harris Teeter because they take competitive coupons.

$2.98 CVS

We were out of the Advil and I was going to get the small size which would have been free after coupon but they were totally out and it was the end of the coupon.  I grabbed two of the regular ones that were buy one, get one half off and I used my ECBS, coupons and another coupon that came out of the machine to get a bargain of a deal since these are $7 each.

$13.27 Harris Teeter

Last day for the Giant coupon so I worked really hard to get my total after coupons up to $15 which is a challenge.  Before coupon total was well over $60 so I thought I was fine but it came down to $11 so I had to grab another whole chicken which ended up being free after the coupon for $5 came back off.  Should have used it at Giant when I had the chance but we got lots of great deals and saved over $100 on all of this!!

$28.63 Harris Teeter

I might have gone a little overboard on this deal but I got a bunch of Christmas presents for my cousin, brother in law, and mom so I am still putting it up to a good deal.  As well as getting a deal on toilet paper which we need to stock up on and my son's oatmeal.

$0.97 Harris Teeter

I used a rain check for the apple sauce, Domino Quick Dissolve, Lipton Family Size Tea Bags and black pepper on this transaction to get the most bang for my buck during super doubles. I bought the Dove to use the overage to pay for the rest of the deals (mostly the pepper).

$1.76 Harris Teeter

I couldn't pass up free microwave popcorn, hot sauce, hair spray, tissues, rice and shampoo.  There was some overage so I had to get a few things to fill the difference like the Windex and the Domino (used a rain check).  I actually had to run back in the store and get the Domino's because my total went negative...not sure what happened but great excuse to get some sugar because it will never go to waste in this house.

$4.33 Harris Teeter

I used a rain check to get the applesauce and the Mazola spray because there still weren't a lot of deals on the shelves because stock was low.  I got the deal on the pierogies which are a yummy new flavor.  I got to the end and didn't use all the coupons so I added the three Glade plug ins which were free after coupon and the hot sauce.  Sadly, I messed up the other parts of the deal.  I should have had another ZVR come off the Excedrin to make it a good deal but I didn't return it because at least it wasn't full price and I know that I am going to need it.  I got the Bertolli meal and the Torta to try and get the rebate back from Checkout 51 for $2.50 but I messed it up!!  I got $1 for the Torta but the other one was supposed to have two meals to get the other $1.00 and then if it wasn't done by that day then I lost the bonus $0.50 for having them together but the good news is that even though they weren't the bargain that I was aiming for, we ate them already during our busy nights so they got enjoyed.

$2.10 Harris Teeter   

I used a rain check and coupons to get the Applesauce free and the Finish super cheap.  The Puffs were on sale and free after coupons so this was a really great deal and I got to stock up on Finish which we are almost out of!!

$1.26 Harris Teeter

I went to another store and got a few deals that my store was out of including the Vidal Sassoon shampoo and conditioner.  I used the rain check to get the Domino's Quick Dissolve and GoGo Squeeze Applesauce free.  I got one box of Lipton and one Bayer and the Puffs free after coupon.  I wanted to get the Sierra Mist since we were going to have a few people over and it seemed like a fun drink but these were still pricey after coupon so I got the Jif Hazelnut Spread with a rain check to get the overage from the ZVR to put money towards the Sierra Mist.  I had some trouble at the check out because they didn't want to accept my rain check but I got some sort of approval and they took it after much debate.  Then my Sierra Mist coupon didn't double fully and I tried to explain how I would still be paying and the coupons was doubling to the price of one and not two.  I was about ready to give up and give them two more coupons so I could at least get the right price from the computer when another manager came over and gave me the additional $1.50 that I was looking for.  Thank goodness and this is why I always go to the same store because I know that they understand and I very rarely have any trouble.

$0 Giant

I got a coupon in the mail to get a free reusable bag.  There were reports everywhere that they were out of them and they wouldn't get them back in until after the coupon expired so I headed to the store to get the one thing while I was out because I knew that I still didn't have my act together for the trip that I should be doing.  I had a hard time to deciding but the one with the orange had an apple on the other side and the eggplant had lettuce on the other side.  I decided on the fruit instead of veggies.  What do you think??

$0  ($8.56 on gift card) Giant

I went to the store to get lunch meat and corn tortillas but it turned into a race to the finish line when my contractor called and said he was at the house early.  I had to grab what I had and run to the checkout.  I got five ham, one turkey and the tortillas and the price was crazy high because I couldn't find the coupon for the turkey.  Oh well, I have a gift card and I went with it because I hadn't had lunch meat for my husband in days.

$0 ($1.29 on gift card) Giant

I went back to use my rain check for the spaghetti sauce when I realized that the coupons were going to expire on 11/1.  It is a good thing that I went through all my coupons before the end of the month or I would have missed 10 jars of free pasta sauce.  I also grabbed another package of Mission tortillas which had a coupon on them for $1 off so they were only $0.99.  I luckily still had some gift card left so there was no money out of pocket.  I only have $0.15 left on my gift card :(

$2.16 Harris Teeter

It was the last day of the month and there were some big value coupons expiring so I ran to HT to get some money makers to pay for two Red Baron pizzas.  I was excited to get a bunch of freebies which will most likely be used for Christmas gifts.  I am super glad to have two emergency pizzas in the freezer for some busy nights coming up in the next few weeks at a great price.  We might have already eaten one :)

Total Retail $792.36
 Total Savings $673.12
Total OOP $119.24

After the month is over, I am happy with all the things that I have gotten and super excited to see how much I saved.  Here is hoping that I am not sad in a few months if we have to move lots of food.  I know that I got lots of great deals so I might be donating a bunch with the upcoming Scouting for Food where the Boy Scouts come to the door to pick up things for the local food pantry and my favorite charity with other things around the house.  I hope that you had a great month too.  Even if you didn't have a good one last month, this is the perfect time to have a good November!  Good luck and best wishes!!!

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