Monday, November 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday 11/17

Monday- Tacos with saffron rice
Tuesday- Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes
Thursday- Sausage or Cheese Raviolis
Friday- Chicken Nuggets with homemade fries and tater tots
Saturday- Leftovers/??
Sunday- Leftovers/??

Although I had a plan in place last week, we did a lot of shuffling around.  Luckily, I was ready for the whole week so we were able to move a few things around and did leftovers one night instead of pasta because no one was interested in eating or cooking.  I am hoping for a little bit easier week with nothing planned to make it more crazy.  We already had our week with lots of afternoon and evening meetings and this week is looking pretty easy which should mean that I am a little more flexible but that usually means that I try to fit too much into one day so we will see.  The only thing that we are out of for the week is cheese so I will have to go to the store to get some.  We are also out of olive oil and almost all other oils in the house.

Having the menu plan in place will help me get dinner on the table even after I have done something in the day to take me off track.  I thought being a stay at home mom was going to give me more time and not less but I always seem to fill it up and get a lot less fun things done then I would hope for!!  How about you??

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