Friday, October 3, 2014

Wild Storm Book Review

I was excited to read the first book in the Storm series and then find that the second one was already out!!  I reserved Wild Storm: A Derrick Storm Thriller by Richard Castle and it came in quickly.  I have to admit that I was more interested in the Nikki Heat book so I read that first but I was glad to open this one.

At the beginning of the book, there are airplanes dropping from the sky and Derrick is on one of them!!  Derrick talks to the pilot and ends up getting out on the wing to use some heavy duty tape to tape the plane back together.  It works and Derrick's plane lands safely but all of the other planes crash.  With many people dead, Derrick has to go immediately to work to find the people responsible for this tragic act of violence.  He goes to the crash site of one of the planes and sees a piece of the plane that has been sliced just like his plane was.  He decides to look for anyone who could be missing and making the laser powerful enough to do this damage.  He finds a scientist that retired that he thinks might be the missing link after doing a lot of research with his father.  He goes on the hunt to find out what is going on and gets himself into lots of trouble.  Pick up the book and find out what happens!!!

I enjoyed the book and can't wait for the next one in the series.  I know that I will enjoy it even more now that I have gotten so into the characters that are forming.  The characters are so interesting and the events into are unexpected.  Derrick Storm is a dreamy main character that makes you fall in love with him even though he is a horrible playboy that you would overlook for him!  I love to find out what happens next and you will too.  I hope that you pick this up at your local library or bookstore.  I think whether you like mysteries or not, you will like this book.  I super enjoyed the escape from reality in this book and I hope you do to!!!

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