Sunday, October 19, 2014

Excitement of Harris Teeter Super Double Trips!!

I can tell you that I love getting great deals and Super Doubles never disappoints.  Okay, sometimes there isn't stock on the shelves and there are lots of things that you can't get but there are always rain checks.  I decided that this super doubles that I was going to make the most of using the rain checks that I had in my thick folder of rain checks.  I have used two rain checks to get the Hefty One Zip bags, one for Domino's Sugar, Domino's Quick Dissolve Sugar, McCormick Ground Black Pepper, Lipton Family Size Tea Bags and GoGo Squeez Applesauce.  I almost used one for the whole chickens and then when I went to get a few, they were already on a pretty good sale for $0.89 per pound so I am holding on to my rain check for another time.  Check out my trips below!

Trip #1   $13.27
I was excited to make it to the store since I didn't get a chance on the first day because I was working and super busy which was a major bummer.  I was totally unprepared and barely had my coupons organized but that never stops me from spending all of my 20 coupons. I had a coupon for $5 off $15 purchase for Giant that I was going to use at Giant but I totally forgot to use it when I was there and purchased the ton of toilet paper and paper towels before.  I decided that I better use it at Harris Teeter since it was the last day of the coupon.  I used a rain check for the Hefty Sliders to get them for free after coupon.  I got free Mahatma rice, 2 Colgate toothpaste, 3 Lipton Tea Bags, 2 Pantene Hair Spray, 2 Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner, Suave Professionals Shampoo, and Scrubbing Bubbles.  I bought two jars of my yummy jelly for $0.50 each.  I got four whole chickens and a package of cube steak in order to make the $15 minimum.

Trip #2    $28.63
This trip was way too much money but I got lots of things and saved a ton so I am still going to chalk it up to a good trip even though it is way more then I would normally spend at Harris Teeter.  I got two Mega Roll Charmin's which are really crazy priced so after sale and coupon, they were half of the normal price.  I got free Hefty One Zip with rain check, free Scrubbing Bubbles, Mott's Juice, Puffs, Suave Professional Shampoo, Tide PODS, Axe Body Spray, Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, and Mahatma Rice.  I bought 3 boxes of K-cup coffee for my cousin for Christmas and 4 boxes of my son's oatmeal each was $2.  I also grabbed the candy bars for $0.97 each after promo and coupon.  I got a catalina to use on my next purchase which is great because they double during super doubles too!!  Bonus :)

Trip #3     $0.97
This was my rain check trip.  I decided that I was going to get a bunch of things with the rain checks that I have and current coupons.  I got the GoGo Squeez Applesauce (Rain check for $2 each) which I love to use to make applesauce bread since my son doesn't like the pouches.  It is easy to measure and add to the mix and I got them for free.  I used the rain check for the Domino's Quick Dissolve (Rain Check for $1.89 each)  to get those for free.  I used all of the white sugar ones that I got to sweeten all the tea that I make so I figured that it wouldn't go to waste.  I grabbed the Lipton family sized tea bags (Rain Check for Buy One, Get One) and I should have done a calculation of what it was going to cost with the sale and coupons but I ended up getting four of them for free and possibly making a little money with one coupon overridden.  I grabbed two of the McCormick Ground Black Pepper and then realized that the price for one was $4.19 (Rain Check for Buy One, Get One) and the coupon was for $1.75/2 so I could get six black pepper and only use 3 coupons so I went back for more while the cashier was ringing up the beginning of my stuff.  The total for all 6 containers was $2.07 or $0.35 each.  I paid for it with the overage from the Dove Shampoo and my accidental overage from the Lipton coupons.

Trip #4    $1.76
I piled the stuff in the cart as I thought about what I should get getting with what was left on the shelves. I started with the microwave popcorn which is a huge hit in our house and at $7.19 retail, not something we ever get unless it is free and this one was a money maker.  I wanted to get some of the Texas Pete Hot Sauce that was on sale BOGO and free after coupon.  I really wanted to stock up on the Puffs tissues that were free after coupon.  I got three of the Pantene hair sprays which will be Christmas presents for my mom and free is always a good price.  I got the Krusteaz Waffle Mix which cost a little money out of pocket and then was a money maker with the Ibotta credit of $0.75.  There is supposed to be a bonus if you buy another one on another trip but I don't know how to get it because the picture of the item is gone but money maker is good enough.  I had a money maker with the Dove Shampoo.  I thought that the Windex was going to be enough to keep me in the positive but I guess I didn't calculate correctly.   I got to use the Domino's Sugar Rain Check because my total was in the negative so I ran back in the store to get one more thing.  I was hoping to use the catalina that I had to pay the total but it was still too low so I just paid the total and saved it for another day.

I am hoping to go two more times to get a bunch of other great deals and use my catalina.  I can't wait to get a few more boxes of tissues and stock up on some other fun Christmas gifts.  I also want to use that catalina so I am going to have to get a bunch more things that cost a little bit of money in order to make the best use of the free money!!  Good thing that I am almost out of the money making deals on my evic zvr coupons so that I won't have to overcoming that money making as well.  Make sure you check out the review at the beginning of next month to find out all of the stuff that I got all month and how I did staying under my $160 monthly budget for household good and groceries.


  1. Is it weird that I absolutely love to see what people buy and read about their great deals even though I don't even have the same stores down here, buy the same food, and Florida doesn't do double coupons?! Those are seriously great shopping trips you had that week! Kudos. I got a raincheck at CVS for eggs this week because they were on sale for $1.29 and they were out of them. However, Aldi sells them for $1.05 right now so I might not need to use the raincheck at all. I've been better at remembering to ask for them when what I want is not in stock, but usually the deals I'm trying to get are dependent on store/manufacturer coupon stacks and the store managers (purposefully, in my opinion) don't restock those items until the store coupon has expired. It's happened several times at my Publix :(

    1. Totally true about looking at other peoples deals. I love to look at the publix deals so I can't help it. My mother in law lives in Florida and coupons so I know all about the no doubling. I do great at Harris Teeter during their normal week but times like super doubles when they double up to $2 is amazing and blows other deals out of the water. I need to post some recent shopping trips. I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance but it is fun to see them all!


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