Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kindergarten: It Isn't What It Used to Be Book Review

Kindergarten: It Isn't What It Used to Be by Susan K. Golant and Mitch Golant was the next in my pile to read.  I am not sure exactly how I found this book whether searching on the library website or if it was suggestion on Amazon that I went to the library to get. I was glad to read this before my son went to kindergarten but it is aimed at parents who have kids in preschool or are trying to pick the right school for there kids (which it is a little too late because we start today).

I enjoyed reading the different sections that covered a lot of different concerns. Here are the contents of the book:

-What is Kindergarten Readiness Anyway?
-To Test or Not to Test
-The First R of Kindergarten Readiness: Developing Relationships
-Early Reading: You Can't Hurry Love ... Or Readiness
-The Three Cs of Kindergarten Readiness: Encouraging Curiosity, Conversation and Creativity
-Your Kindergartner's Temperament and Learning Style
-Happy Trails: What You Should Look for in a Good Kindergarten Program
-The School Visit: Introducing Your Preschooler to the Mechanics of Kindergarten
-The Loving Gardener: What to Look for in a Great Kindergarten Teacher
-The Stress Factor: How to Help Your Child Cope
-Preparing for the First Day

There are so many different topics covered that it is hard to know where to start but all of the information is valuable so start at the beginning and read your way through or pick out the chapters that are most interesting to you.  Either way you read it, I think that you will enjoy the book.  There isn't any information on holding back your child or homeschooling as an option so if you are looking for that information, this is not the right resource for you.  If not, pick it up at your local library or bookstore and check it out.  I think that you will find lots of valuable information to help ask the right questions.  I hope that you can use this information to support your child through the transition to preschool like I hope to do!

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