Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Chance Book Review

In case you haven't read a series of books by Robyn Carr, she is a wonderful author.  The Chance (Thunder Point) by Robyn Carr was next on my list.  It was on hold at the library until they got it in and I am not sure if I just put it to the back burner with all my other long list of hold books but I finally decided to work through my long list of books that I was from the library and this one appeared on my shelf.  I was happy to see it and even happier to start reading it and be reminded of all the great characters in the last book.

In this book, Laine Carrington decides to move to Thunder Point to recuperate from a gunshot wound that she got in the line of duty as an FBI field agent.  She decided to move from the east coast to the west coast in order to get farther away from her father and try to figure out what she wanted to do for her future.  When she moved to town, she got a rental for a year while she was on leave.  She picked the town because it was where one of the people that she saved while getting shot had settled and they had become friends.  She didn't want people to know about her past because she wanted to be free while staying in the small town of Thunder Point.  She met Eric Gentry, a mechanic and body shop owner, who immediately had a connection with.  Eric moved to town recently to reconnect with his teenage daughter that he didn't know that he had until recently and he was trying to start up a new business.  Neither of them wants to get attached and distract from what brought them to Thunder Point but you have to pick up the book to find out what happens.

I hope that you have had a chance to read Robyn Carr.  If you aren't much of a romance book person, don't be turned off that hers are found in the romance section.  I wouldn't categorize this as a romance novel but maybe I haven't read enough of the genre to know the difference.  There is love as a theme through the book but there is only one bedroom scene and most of the books are about the characters and all of the things going on in their lives. This book introduces some new characters as well as bringing back a few of the other ones that we loved in previous books.  I enjoyed reading it and wish that I had saved it for the beach because it was such an entertaining read.  I picked it up in the morning around 10:30 to start reading it and I went to bed after finishing it at 12:10.  I couldn't put it down and enjoyed the entire book!  It is going to be too long before I get to the read the next in the series!  Here is hoping that you can pick this up at your local library or bookstore and enjoy a great book and a great series!

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