Sunday, March 16, 2014

Late Saturday Post for Harris Teeter trips

So this week and weekend have been so crazy and I had most of my blogging week planned out except that I needed to finish a post for Saturday.  I have all week to do it so I should be fine.  The rest of the week is all scheduled and only one thing to do should be fine right!  Ha!!  The week got away from me and I didn't do the post that I was supposed to write so here is my heartfelt apology.

I ended up being called in to sub at my son's school three days last week instead of just the one (and it almost turned into a fourth which luckily someone else did).  I was working at the beginning of the week and my friend took my son so I could run to the grocery store in peace and get my last chance at the General Mills promotion and I was super happy with my haul.   I worked the next day when I should have been home cleaning up the house because my parents were coming.  I cleaned the kitchen like a mad woman on my way out the door and barely making it to work on time.  We got home and got a little more cleaning done before my parents arrived but I was a little stressed.

We had a horrible wind storm and the power went out!  I took that opportunity while we still have the backup power from the surge protector for the internet to quickly pay the entire months bills which were sitting on the counter because I didn't get to them yet.  Yeah to online bill pay because I got them all in before the surge protector was done and the internet went out.  Luckily the power came on the next morning so it wasn't a long outage but you never know.

My husband and I went to meet with my son's school principal for next year and get a tour of the school.  I was totally stressed about it but the tour was great and she was very nice.  We are going to try to go to an open house that they have coming up so that we can see some of the programs that they do through the year.  I am glad that my husband and I got to do that together. I went home and did some dishes and cleaned the kitchen again and my mother and I went to pick up my son from school.  WHAT?!  Where did the morning go!

I worked the next day and then my parents took my son out to lunch and to do some fun adventures in the mall so my husband came home early and we went to meet with a financial planner.  I set up my Roth IRA and funded it for 2013.  I transferred my 401K from my old job to them and I am going to get a bonus cash deposit for the transfer so good timing.  I hope to clean up some of my finances and get all straight for the new year.  We went home and fixed dinner and it was already time for bed!

On Saturday morning I went to a consignment sale and grabbed a few fun things.  We left there and drove to another consignment sale that one of the people in my mom's group said was amazing.  We found 4-5 things and then we tried to get in line.  It was a mess.  We were in line for awhile and my mom took a bathroom break and then I took a bathroom break and we were rearranged to another section of the store and I figured that we were in for at least one hour waiting.  We didn't have anything worth that wait so we left after the women running the line said it would probably be an hour.  We went to Target and then had a yummy lunch.  We went to KMart and then Aldis and then finally headed home.

We went home and I might have passed out on the couch around 4 pm because I was dead tired after the week (and the day) that I had been through.  My family went out and bought pizza while I was still sleeping on the table and my son told me that it was time for dinner so I eventually got up and went to the dinner table.... such a bad example as a mom right?  Oh well, it happens.

After dinner, my little man got his bath and my mom and I went to the grocery store to spend our $3.50 GM mills promotion.  I got this:

When the cashier rang it up, it was over $57 and I started to worry that I went a little crazy with all of the stuff in the cart and lack of preparation.  After sales and coupons, I spent $9.00 at the register.  I realized that the evic zvr didn't come off for the Suave lotion so I went to customer service and she gave me $1.54 back in cash.  When I got home, I turned in the receipt to get $3 from Checkout 51 and I will get $1 from Saving Star.  In addition, I got two catalinas to spend on my next order for $2 and $3.  I am starting to think that my $1/2 Kraft Singles didn't come off so I will have to go back tomorrow and see if I can get that resolved or return them because they were on sale for $4.15 and not $3.00 at my store so I was just trying to use my $3.50 credit and went a little crazy with all the purchases because I was exhausted.  UGH!  Not the best time to shop but I worked with the little time that I had.

My mom got this:

I supplied all of the coupons and saved the evic zvr coupons for her so it worked out really well for her.  The Redd's Strawberry Ale is something my mom and husband wanted to try because my sister in law brought over the apple one which was amazing.  I think that we all agreed that the apple one was our favorite but you don't know if you don't try.  After all of the savings and everything, her total was under $14 and most of that was the Strawberry Ale and her toothpaste which I only had a coupon if she bought two and she only wanted one....luckily I had a evic zvr saved on her card so she did save another $0.75 on the toothpaste.

How did your week go??  My husband is getting new tires on his truck tomorrow and then we have a birthday party to take my son too so tomorrow is still going to be crazy busy!!!  I need a little break but I don't think that I have one worked into the near future so going to have to make do.  The great news is that I am getting a lot accomplished.  Hope you had a great week and my weekly goals will be up tomorrow morning!!


  1. Alison
    You are so lucky to have a Harris Teeter. I am jealous! I did well at Weis, Rite aid and CVS this week. Look on my facebook for pictures. But all that food wow. Giant had $15 off $25 frozen foods, I ran in yesterday and got 2 Pizza's, 2 boxes of soft pretzels, 1 Farm fresh mushrooms and 3 Minute Maid Juice bars and paid $6 something.. not bad for $26 worth of food. I only made it there 3X this week, I wanted to do more as $15 scanning off $25 in frozen food is awesome with no coupons! I love reading your posts. Take care

    Lisa in PA

    1. I really love Harris Teeter and I get a lot of my deals there. I am sure that you do great with what you have because that Giant deal sounds great. I never do well with those deals because I over shop to make sure that I get well over the price because I don't know if it is before sale price, after sale price or after coupon to calculate from. I think that I get too worried and don't do as well but your haul sounds amazing!


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