Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekly Goals 12/22

Another week which seemed to go really quickly and I didn't get anything done.  Okay, I got a lot done but there were a still things that needed to be done every day when I ran out of energy to get them done.  I can't believe that company is going to be here next week and it is already Christmas. I had so many things to do but just didn't have the energy to get them all done.  I have to cut chicken to freeze and wrap Christmas presents tomorrow before my mother in law comes to town.  Plus, clean the house.  I am not sure that I am going to get this all done but there is always hope.  How did your week go??

Last week:

Family Goals
  • Spend time with family- We got to spend time together while we waited in line for Santa for over 2 hours and we got lots of family dinners together this week with my son falling asleep a little after dinner.
  • Get to preschool on time every day- It was the last week of school before the two week holiday so my son was excited to get there and do everything that he could while in school.  Santa and a puppet show kept them busy too!  He really enjoyed giving the teachers cards and gifts.
  • Go to Holiday library program- We went to a storytime this week and it seems like it was a million years ago and I couldn't even remember how it went until I looked at the calendar to see what it said.  It was a puppet show with marionettes and a nice little one woman show.  It was a little interesting for my little man because he hadn't seen anything like that before but it was a little dated with a Shirley Temple puppet and some songs from the 60's so it was interesting that the kids stayed interested through some of the older stuff.
  • Go to Playdate at a friends house- We had a great time playing at our friends house and exchanging presents.
  • Go see Santa hopefully- We went to see Santa on Tuesday and was really glad that we made it to see Santa before the rest of the family got in town.  It was a pretty calm event once we all made it there.
Personal Goals
  • Cut coupons- I got all my coupons cut on Friday.  There were three inserts so it took a little bit of time but I was glad to get them all organized and put away.
  • Get coupons on Friday- My husband found my papers for me since I didn't have a chance to get to the store and library to see if they had it because my little guy was a little tired by the end of the errands and I knew that I didn't have another stop before he had a meltdown.
  • Shut off computer 6 nights to save energy- I got the computer off a lot and even shut it off when we left the house this week.  The great news is that my husband changed out the battery so it is able to last a little longer off the cord so that was another exciting update.
  • Cut and freeze chicken- I didn't get it done and put it off every day.  I got everything done
  • Sub at preschool- I subbed two days which put a crimp in getting things done but will be nice when the check comes in :)  Plus the little ones are super cute!
  • Drop off donation at NVFS- I had part of the stuff pulled out since October and finally got the rest of my act together and made it over there.  I knew that it would be a good idea to get stuff out of the guest room before having guests again since I was using the bed to pile them.
  • Get gift cards for teachers from the class- I got the gift cards and made cards from the class to put them inside.  I was really happy to get everything done even though it was last minute waiting for a few people in the class to send stuff in.  I decided on one stop to get them all and that made it pretty easy.  I have one more to get but she is out for a few weeks on disability so I thought that it could wait until I was driving by the restaurant that she liked over the break.
  • Bring in teacher gifts- Brought all of the gifts in to school and my guy handed them all out and was able to get lots of hugs from the teachers.  I did wait until the last day which really isn't my style normally but I was glad to get them all in (except the gift card for the one teacher but I did bring the rest of her stuff before she went out).
  • Go to Jazzercise- Yeah, that didn't happen this week.  I was going to go on Thursday and I woke up feeling horrible and I couldn't breathe so I decided that it wouldn't be a great idea to exercise since I couldn't breathe sitting down.  I was going to try on Saturday morning but I had a lot to do before the cookie exchange so I just decided to pass and get everything done that I needed at home.
  • Clean house for company- Haha!  I didn't get to clean a thing but I am hoping for Sunday cleaning before
  • Go to Cookie Exchange (after making cookies)- I finished my cookies and made it to the cookies exchange which was a lot of fun and I ended up with a ton of great cookies.  It is great timing with family coming into town because I get to make one kind of cookie and serve a bunch of different ones.  I am sure that my company will dig in and enjoy!
  • Finish reading the new Kathy Reichs book- Finished and posted review.
  • Start reading the next book in the pile- I tried to start one of the homeschooling books that I bought but it was really boring so I grabbed one that I got through my blogging for books.  It seems really interesting so you should see the review on that soon.
Home Management Goals
  • Clean dishes, counters and floors at least 5 days of the week- I cleaned up the kitchen a lot this week and I made just as much of a mess.  I have no idea why there was so much to do in the kitchen but I was getting ready for company.  I didn't get a lot of stuff done but there is still so much to do so I guess we will see how much I get done tomorrow before family arrives.
  • Clean dishes one night and not wait until the morning- I don't have a clue which night I stood in the kitchen cleaning the dishes all night but my husband fell asleep on the couch again and then I watched the TV in the kitchen to keep myself entertained :)  I felt like I ran the dishwasher a million times and I am not sure why but it was a busy week.
Blog Goals
  • Post one post everyday (schedule 7 posts so that can spend more time with family)- Done
  • Review book reviews completed during the week (if done)- Done
  • Work on a few posts to work ahead for the coming week- I did this one a little but not enough!!
  • Post Sunday Weekly Goals, Menu Plan Monday, Kid Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday Tip- Done
This week:

Family Goals
  • Spend time with family and the whole extended family for the holidays
  • Go to movies at the library program
  • Go to Legos at the library
Personal Goals
  • Cut coupons
  • Get coupons on Friday 
  • Shut off computer 6 nights to save energy
  • Cut and freeze chicken
  • Go to Jazzercise (?)
  • Clean house for company
  • Finish reading the Blogging for Books novel
  • Start reading the next book in the pile or on the shelf because I think that I am at the end of the library check outs and with all of the company coming probably not enough time to get to the library :)
Home Management Goals
  • Clean dishes, counters and floors at least 5 days of the week
  • Clean dishes one night and not wait until the morning
Blog Goals
  • Post one post everyday (schedule 7 posts so that can spend more time with family)
  • Review book reviews completed during the week (if done)
  • Work on a few posts to work ahead for the coming week
  • Post Sunday Weekly Goals, Menu Plan Monday, Kid Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday Tip 

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