Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Using Your Leftover Turkey

Are you already sick of turkey sandwiches?  Okay, probably not but it is always good to plan ahead.  My husband likes to make sandwiches the next few days and then quickly looses interest in the turkey and it sits in the back of the fridge until it goes bad and we throw it out. 

Now, I take my leftover turkey and freeze it until my husband misses the taste of the turkey.  I mixed up a really easy turkey and saffron rice soup.  It was so easy that I didn't even think about it as a recipe but it can be made on the stove or in a crock pot easily.

I made two batches of this yummy soup (and took no pictures).  First, I used a little turkey stock and chicken stock.  On the second, I used chicken stock because I used up all the turkey stock.  I make my own but you can use the kind from a box or can if you don't make your own....but I swear it is really easy to do.  Here is mine and it comes out a little different every day.

I like to freeze it in containers or bags so that I can use it later for things like this recipe.  I used to freeze it in bags and then I had a leaking problem so I started freezing them in the disposable plastic containers because then there isn't any problems with leaking.

I cut up the turkey into small bite sized pieces and added them to the broth.  I wish that I had a picture but it looked like cut up turkey so it wasn't really impressive.  I cut the carrots and the celery and put them in a pot.

I make the saffron rice ahead of time which you can pull from the freezer or the fridge and throw into the pot.  I use the Mahatma Saffron Rice because I got them for free at the store and they add a great flavor.  You can use any rice you want but I made it both times with this rice and it was great!!

I simmer it on low until everyone is ready to eat and each person can season to taste.  My parents like it as it is but my husband loves to add pepper (but he likes to add pepper to almost everything).  It is great to throw together for the day after Thanksgiving and leave in the crock pot so that any family still in town can just grab their soup when they want to for lunch or dinner (or in between shopping trips).  I hope that you throw together some turkey and rice soup or freeze some ingredients to make it later in the winter!!  It makes a great lunch or dinner for the cold winter days.

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