Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Budget Review

I was trying to keep things low this month and not start off too quickly with my list of things that we were running low and out of so by mid-month I was doing pretty good.

I had a quick trip to Harris Teeter to get milk and eggs for $4.45 OOP, $7.46 Savings

Then, I went to three different Rite Aids to get lots of deodorant for my mother and myself (just mine pictured).  $21.69 OOP, $62.10 Savings

My monthly trip to Giant to spend my monthly Giant credit was super great at $0.98 OOP, $16.44 Savings

I had a sick son at home and no more Advil so I came up with a creative trip on the spur of the moment to get him some medicine and treats at the store.  $6.62 OOP, $8.91 Savings

At the halfway point through the month, I had spent $33.74 and saved $94.91.  I was on track for a good month with half of the month behind me.  Aiming to use what we have one hand and keep under budget for the month, I was super hopefully that I could do it with half the month under my belt.

Then, my husband did a trip to Harris Teeter because we were out of milk and spent $7.08.

I went back to Giant because I bought a package of margarine that was expired.  UGH!  I really did need it but when I went back, I was going to be in the car for hours so I couldn't buy a replacement.  I did get back $1.52 in cash.  It leaves me money to get more later :)

I had another quick trip with my rain check to get bread flour and picked up a few more evic specials for a total OOP $5.61

I was realizing how quickly the month was flying by and without a huge list and no super doubles (yet), I was super excited that the total was still under $50 for the month.  Trying to be better about eating out of the pantry and eating leftovers (not my favorite thing to do), I was doing my best to create meals from home without too many things needed from the store.  Although, already two milks this month and probably another before the month was over!!

We quickly ran out of milk again and I needed some veggies for a stir fry so I decided it was worth the trip out to Aldis and then Wegman's while the little man was in camp.

Total OOP $35.47

Total OOP $0.49

All around a great month and I think that we got a lot of great food but took the opportunity to eat out of the pantry and the freezer for a lot of the month.  I am hoping that we can do the same next month but it might test my creativity.  I just can't believe that we are now doing three gallons of milk in a month when previously (pre-kids) we didn't ever have milk in the house.  We also finished all of the eggs that were purchased at the beginning of the month so I know that I have a few things that were super helpful to get us through the month but also things that we need to get more of to make it through next month!!  I hope that you had a great month too!!

Total Monthly OOP $80.87
Total Monthly Savings $110.98 (plus Aldi's savings)

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