Saturday, August 10, 2013

Informed Risk and A Hero for Sophie Jones Book Review

Informed Risk: A Hero for Sophie Jones (Harlequin Bestselling Author) by Robyn Carr was a book that I was waiting for and there was a special extra book with A Hero for Sophie Jones.  I didn't realize that when I got it and I thought that it was a really huge book but I started with the same determination to get through this over 500 page book.  I still can't decide whether it counts for one book or two.  They were two totally different books but I finished the Robyn Carr book at the end of June and the Christine Rimmer book at the beginning of August so it also brought in to question what moth this book(s) count for.

 In the first book,Chris (short for Christine) lives in a sparsely decorated rented house with her 5 year old Carrie, 3 year old Kyle, and dog Cheeks.  When the weather gets cold, she turns on the heat and it sets the house on fire.  She gets the kids out and put them in the car and goes back in and throws all of the things that she can into the refrigerator to save them from the fire but has to be carried out by the fireman, Mike.  They are left with nothing when the house burns to the ground but Mike lets them stay at the fire station for the night and then at his house the next night.  Mike invites them to stay as long as they want while he stays at his parents house.  Chris is uncomfortable taking charity even though she has no where else to turn to but no one will be able to predict all of the surprises that pop up in this book.  I highly recommend that you check it out so that I don't ruin the surprises.

In the second book, Sophie Jones runs Mountain Star, a bed and breakfast and in barn movie theater in a small rural town.  In her movie theater, she sees a dark haired stranger who she later learns is Sinclair Riker who's family used to own the property.  Sophie shows him around and they have an instant attraction.  The start a 5 day love affair which ends when Sinclair's truths are revealed by a really unlikely source.  Sophie is kind to everyone and gives some of the homeless a place to sleep and a bag lunch to take with them when they leave but she turns very unemotional when her life is turned upside down. Pick up the book and check it out to find out all the twists and turns through Sophie's journey!!  It is a great book and I highly recommend picking it up even if it isn't in your copy of Informed Risk!

I loved both books and I am going to have to look up the new author and check out a few more books from Christine Rimmer!  What a great way to read a surprise book to be attached to the other book that I was already going to read.  They were both great and I really look forward to reading more again soon.  I hope that you check out either or both of the books at your local library or bookstore.  Let me know what you think!

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