Thursday, July 25, 2013

Timed Shopping Trip during summer camp!

I dropped my son off at summer camp a little before 9 am and had a few hours to fit lots of things in before getting him at noon.  First stop was PT and I actually made it there a little early and got all my exercises done and I was on my way back out the door at 10 am! 

I headed a little farther to Aldi's where I went through the aisles throwing things into my bag and cooler.  When, they were all full I put them at the cash register and went and grabbed an entire sealed package of flour off of the pallet.  Yup, that is 8 bags or 40 pounds!!!  I might have gone over board a little but it was on sale for $1.39 and I haven't seen that price in awhile.  You might see that the cheese puffs already got a bag clip because my son and I got into them on the way home :)  Oh well, those are the joys of shopping right?

Total OOP $35.47

Then, I made a quick trip into the bulk vegetables at Wegman's and grabbed the snow peas and green beans that I needed to get for our up coming meals!

Total OOP $0.49

Hopefully this gives us enough to make it through the rest of the month since we only have a week left!!!  I am doing super great on the budget and hope that I have lots saved for a stock up on some meats next month.  I should have run in and grabbed ground beef at Wegman's but I wasn't sure how much time it would take me to check out and get to my son.  Plus, I wasn't heading right home and the cooler was super full.  I really need to get one of those cooler bags to keep in the trunk but it is still on my Christmas/Birthday wish list :)  hint, hint... But I did great for the day to get everything we needed and still have a few minutes to spare!! 

How is your shopping month going?  Is summer making it hard to find time and stick to budget?

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