Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Trip for Bread Flour at Harris Teeter

I went to the store armed with my rain check on flour (and a four year old helper).  I needed bread flour and my rain check let me get two at $1.97.  It was also on sale for $2.99 so I was thinking about grabbing a few extra because under $3 is a good price on bread flour but I hesitated and only got the two on the rain check.  I might have to go back to get two more before the sale is over.

I saw some evic specials in my e-mail so I decided that I would pick them up too.  There was a Hamburger Helper on sale for $0.77 (limit 2) but the coupon was $0.75/3 so I was trying to figure out if I would get two or three.  When I got to the store, I saw that they were $1.25 sale price.  I grabbed three because with double coupons, the third one was free.  I also had an evic coupon for $0.75/3 (which didn't come off).  After all sales and coupons, they were $0.18 each!  I think that makes a super frugal meal (plus we have a little addiction to the Philly Cheesesteak one)!!

There was also an evic special on the Organic Harris Teeter crackers normally $2.99, on sale for $1.97.  There was an evic zvr coupon for $1 that didn't come off but it was $0.97 so I figured that it was a good deal for cheese crackers.

I rang up everything with one of my favorite cashiers and none of evic zvr coupons came off :(  I don't know why that happens and if I could figure it out, I would totally stop doing whatever I am doing.  I heard that you should ring up your card before they start everything and it would work...nope.  I heard wait until the end and then scan it...nope.  I seems to be a random!!  Does anyone else have this problem?  I paid and went to customer service.  They went into the computer program on an ipad and pulled up that I really did have the coupons.  Then they gave me back $1.79 in cash which I calculated off my total below and added to my savings.  It would be nice to get everything on the receipt without having to write it all on so that I remember later but at least I got the money back and didn't have to return things!!

Total OOP $7.40- $1.79 cash back= $5.61
Total Savings $6.18 + $3.04 rain check+ $1.79 cash= $11.01


  1. That happens here all the time - and it's so random, never a good solution to any of it. Super doubles starts at Lowes Foods this week! I'll seriously try to do pictures this time. My pregnancy brain has taken over everything lately.

    1. Been there! I would leave the room and not know what I left for at least three times before I would remember what I was doing... if I ever did. Good luck at super doubles. I am crossing my fingers that we ever have them again after the merger with Kroger.


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