Friday, July 19, 2013

How I got hooked on Pinterest!! (and how to get better)

Was I late to the party or what?  I tried to use pinterest before I had an account and I wasn't really sure what I was doing.  I clicked on some ideas and used it like the internet as a point of reference to find specific things that I was looking for like teacher appreciation and then took my ideas and left.  I signed up for an account but for some reason the e-mail took forever for them to get back to and when they did I had lost interest.

I finally did sign up and I thought that I would figure out how to use it.  But I basically had an account and did nothing with it for ages.  My cousin and aunt showed me how to use pinterest a little more when I was up visiting them.  I am still not great with the computer part of it since we stared at the pictures on the ipad but there are some super ideas out there....sadly, there is not any extra time or a magic machine that makes the things for us.  But it was tons of fun to flip through and see all of the great pictures.

Once you get one pinterest, how do you get off?  I start looking at one thing and am quickly dragged into the fold of enjoying all of the great pictures.  I had an evening that I really wanted doughnuts so I know that must have added at least 6 doughnut recipes to my breakfast board.  There are tons of recipes, crafts and ideas with so many great pictures.  I would click on a post and then go to the blog to see if I liked it and then I was clicking through their blog.  I found a ton of new blogs and a ton of new things that looked great.  Added lots of boards and pins but find myself having trouble getting off. 

I think that I was fighting the pinterest craze because I knew that I wouldn't be able to get off of it once I started.  How do you find time to do crafting, baking, and other things?  I really want to find more time in my schedule but in my extra time, I spend it on pinterest instead of doing the hobbies that I am researching! 

Is there are 12 step program for pinterest?  I might need to join it!!!  I can click for hours and hours.  My husband said the other night...What is the draw?  Umm, what isn't!!  How do you manage your pinterest addiction?  Do you have any pointers on boards, pins and likes?  Please tell me how to better manage my pinterest addiction account!!  I would love to hear from some experts out there.

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