Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Giant Shopping Trip

I had my $10 monthly Giant community credit, a pile of gift cards, and a coupon for $5 off $30.  I had some gift cards left from the recipe contest that I won!!  I also just got two $10 ones from something in May that I did on their website (still not sure which ones).  I was determined to get some good deals with the time that I had while my son was in class at My Gym.

We were out of pizza cheese, ketchup and blue cheese salad dressing.  We were running low on vinegar, butter and spaghetti.  In addition, there was a good deal on lunch meat and cereal that I couldn't pass up.  I added in the pineapple to make sure that I was at the needed total to use the coupon.

I did the first transaction while my son was in class and I didn't spend any money out of pocket but here are my totals.

Total Original Cost  $79.00
Total Savings  $57.99
Total Gift Cards Used $21.78 (includes tax)

Then, I went back to My Gym with my son for open play.  We went to Giant with our friends after class and I got four more boxes of cereal.  I saved the ones that my son would be excited about.  I also got a catalina from the Dole purchase for $0.50 which I used on this transaction.  It didn't work on right so the cashier took it off and put it in as cash.  It usually takes at least three people to decide to do that at my Giant so I was super glad that I didn't have any fight at this Giant and it makes me want to do all my shopping there!!!

Total Original Cost $13.81
Total Savings $11.80
Total Gift Cards Used $2.14 (includes tax)

The great news is that I still have a gift card left which has $9.45 on it!!  I am super excited to save that and use next month with my credit to get towards the money to use my new $5 off of $30 purchase.  I am going to be trying to figure out the best time to use that to get lots more groceries.

In this transaction, I also got a $0.40 per gallon gas credit for buying 6 packages of cheese.  Because my fill up at empty was only 13 gallons, it was only $5.20 difference but ever bit helps so I got to fill up my gas at a little better price and save a little more money getting the groceries that we already needed.

Nearly $100 of groceries for nothing out of pocket is a great win in my book!!!  I love being part of the Giant online community and I am really glad that I was given the offer because the credit towards groceries and the gift card promotions are making a big difference in my monthly grocery spending!!!


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    1. Giant contacted me to be part of their online community to do surveys, discussions and different things to help the stores. I have to be active on the website in order to get a credit for the month to spend at the store. I love it and it is invitation only but a good reason to make sure all of your details including email address are associated with you Bonus card!!


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