Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twenty Wishes Book Review

Twenty Wishes (Blossom Street) by Debbie Macomber was the next in the Blossom Street series.  I picked it up at the library while I was there because I remembered that it was the next in the series.  It is a really catchy title and it stuck with me from the beginning and I was looking forward to finding out how the wishes were going to work!

In this book, Anne Marie Roche, owner and manager of Blossom Street Books, meets with her widows group on Valentines Day and they decide to make Twenty Wishes.  She is 38 years old and is living over the bookstore after loosing her husband and not wanting to deal with anything that reminded her of him.  She decided that she wanted to get red cowboy books, sing barefoot in the rain and buy a house.  All of her friends started making the lists and mentioned it to other friends who also started lists.  Most of the widows were using this as a tool to live their life more fully and they met to discuss all of the changes in their lives because of the goals that they set.  If you want to see all of the things that they accomplished, make sure you pick up the book and check it out!!!

I really enjoyed the book and was very emotional towards the end.  I hope that you check out this book and the whole series to meet all of the great characters who live and shop on Blossom Street.  Debbie Macomber is a great storyteller who makes you feel for all of the characters even if you aren't in the same situation, you can feel like you know exactly what they are feeling.  Check it out at your local library or bookstore.

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