Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Storing your Children's Artwork

There are so many things that come into our house that my son considers his art work.  We used to cover the whole fridge with the different masterpieces but they started to get overwhelm us.  I was looking for a solution on how to store and keep the artwork that my little man holds so dear!!

Short term display:

There are so many options on how to display your little ones works of art from the refrigerator with a magnet to a special frame or display rack.

Hanging picture: Can use curtain rod or speciality rod from IKEA or other retailer to clip pictures for display.  This limits the number of pictures on display and child can pick what to take down to replace with new works of art or you can make one at home.

Source of picture

Source of picture

Picture frame:  You can use a regular picture frame to change out pictures or you could get special frames meant for children's art work.  Either way, it can be a great display on your wall to show off all the work of art.

Source of picture

Cork board:  Reuse or get a new cork board.  It can be covered in fabric to make a great place to hang pictures.

Source of picture

Long term storage:

I can't keep all that he makes in a month, let alone a lifetime.  We are now taking pictures of all of his art work and then I can store it digitally so that he can see all of his artwork when he is older and only keep a few pieces from each year.  These are the pictures he did yesterday!!

Some of them are the marker or crayon pictures that he turns out five in ten minutes.

To his school art work that he takes a little bit more time.

Either way, if I kept all of his work I would need to get another closet.  I am sure your little artist are the same way.  Both thrifty systems helped to display and then store all of your little Picasso's work for the short term and long term.  I hope that they help you!!

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