Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Cheap Gardening Ideas

I decided that I would try to do some gardening this year even though it went so poorly last year.  I have my little handmade pots recycled from toilet paper rolls (that is what the bottom looks like).  I saved lots of toilet paper rolls so that I would be ready to go.

I had a bag of leftover potting soil that I was determined to use.  That is my mom digging the plastic cup in and getting out the dirt to use.  My son is the one watching to see how it is done (don't ask me why we were doing it so close to the lawn mower but we set everything up and my father took that time to finally put the lawn mower away!!!).

After talking to a teacher at my son's school, I decided to look for seeds at Walmart.  Not where I usually shop for seeds but she said that they were cheap.  I figured that it wouldn't cost that much to try and if it was eaten, I wouldn't be nearly as sad.

I was going to use the homemade pots that I made and put them on the windowsill but I got a little carried away when I saw all the seeds at the store!!  I bought six packages so that was a lot of planting.  I decided to use some pots that I had in the basement.  They all needed to cleaned out.  Some were just a little dusty because they are stored near my husband's work working area and others had a little bit more stuck on the inside.

This is the biggest one which I am not really even sure what I got it for originally but I know that I never planted anything in it.  Great opportunity to actually use it!  This got lettuce which is going to stay inside so that I actually get lettuce and don't feed it to the rabbits or deer.  There are two different kinds of lettuce split down the middle.

Then, I planted something in all of the pots.  I did two basil and two oregano because I figured that if they grew that I would totally use it!!!  Plus, I had plenty of seeds.

We did it all outside so that it wouldn't matter if we made a big mess.  Then, I brought in all of the pots to stay in the house since it is has been really cold outside still.  Here is hoping that our broken air conditioning unit actually helps us grow lots of plants :) 

Here is my $3 project and hoping to turn into lots of plants!!  Great frugal project that I hope reap great rewards!!

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