Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 5/20

Monday- Basil Parmesan Chicken with angel hair pasta
Tuesday- Fried Rice for husband and French toast for me
Wednesday- Mac and cheese
Thursday- Garlic Herb Chicken with chicken rice
Friday- Frozen Pizza
Saturday- Leftovers/??
Sunday- ???

I went through the freezer and I am trying to figure out what was left to use up for the month.  I was hoping that I would clean out the freezer sometime this summer in order to defrost again so we are going to try to go through lots of the things in there and make a dent.  Then, I found another deal on chicken at Aldi's and frozen pizza for $1 at Target.  A whole pizza for a $1 makes it a better deal to have for dinner that homemade because the cheese alone costs that much.

Anyone believe me that this freezer is going to be cleaned??  I can never get through enough stuff without buying more to replace it (or finding a deal on chicken).  Do you have a freezer you have to defrost??  It seems to be my never ending battle to defrost it a few times a year but June is my 6 month target.  Cross your fingers for me because we still have a lot of food in there!!!

Anyway, my airconditioning has been broken and it costs a fortune to fix it so we are going to finally replace the unit but it has been so hot in the house that I haven't done any baking.  Dinners have been hard because the house is almost at 80 by dinnertime so I don't feel a lot like eating.  I think that we are going with easy items this week because the air conditioner isn't scheduled until Tuesday!!  Holiday weekend- UGH!  Crossing my fingers for cooler weather around the corner.


  1. Was the pizza on clearance? I would love to know how to get some. We only have an attachment freezer, so no defrost necessary.

    1. Not sure what was going on at Target but there was one freezer that had some pizzas for $1 and then the thin and crispy for $0.83. I was going to buy all of them but I stopped at 5 :) I wish I got more but my mom was already looking at me funny with the cart filled with frozen pizzas!!

  2. I just found your blog through another blog. I had also planned to clean out my big freezer while it was winter and I didn't have to worry about stuff defrosting, but of course, not it is 90 degrees and I didn't get around to it! Good luck with yours....


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