Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 5/13

Monday- Olive Oil Pasta
Tuesday- Chicken skewers with chicken rice
Wednesday- Tacos with saffron rice and corn bread
Thursday- Frozen Pizza
Friday- Worcestershire chicken with white rice
Saturday- Pizza/ leftovers
Sunday- leftovers/Buffalo Chicken Wraps

This week we are going to have guests all week and I am trying to make a easy menu plan this week.  I hope to have the flexibility to move the meals around if I need to but we have a busy week planned and are going to be out of the house a lot.  Hope you have a great plan for your week :)

*After note:  All of the meals got moved around during the week and my meal plan calendar looks like there is barely room to fit thing with the number of times that things were moved!!  All in all, we ate what was on the plan but mostly on different nights.

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