Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kid Math: Sundae Scoop Book Review

The Sundae Scoop (MathStart 2) by Stuart J. Murphy was in the math sectoin at the library.  Seems like a really good combo to have any kid interested.  What are they more interested in during the summer but ice cream??

The children are making up a booth with ice cream.  The decide that they need two kids of ice cream, vanilla or chocolate with either hot fudge or carmel topping.  Then they decide to add either sprinkles or nuts.  It gave them 8 options.  Then, someone dumped all of the sprinkles so they had to take off those options.  Then, they spilled the carmel and had to take off that option.  Then, the ice cream was almost out and the line ended.  The kids got to eat the leftovers but there weren't as many options for them because they served all of their friends first.

I read it with my son and he loved it.  It is easy to follow and the math is changing through the whole book.  It explains it in words and has it in a graph.  It is a really good introduction into graphs so that you can make graphs with your kids.  I give it a big thumbs up and I think that everyone should try it this summer.

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