Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christmas Letters Book Review

Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber is in the Blossom Street series of books.  Although only briefly mentioning the other characters in town who are previously met in the series, this book was an interesting picture of the other people in town. 
In this book, Katherine O'Connor (called KO by her friends) is settled into her new condo and trying to make ends meet with medical transcription and writing people's Christmas letters.  She meets Dr. Wynn Jeffries who wrote a book called "Free Child" where he advocates letting the children decide when they sleep, eat, and more in order for them to feel like they are in control of their lives.  KO disagrees with the book because her sister started using it and her twins went from well behaved children to crazy children.  After KO screams at Dr. Jeffries, she is forced into a cocktail hour with him at a neighbors house because they live in the same building!!  Check this book out to see all the fun that they both run into through their life as neighbors.

I can't wait to pick up the next book sitting in my pile because this one was such a fast read.  I am sure that I will go through that one just as quickly.  There are a few more in the series before I have to move on to yet another one!!  I hope that you check this one out at your local library or bookstore soon!

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