Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunrise Point Book Review

Sunrise Point (Virgin River) by Robyn Carr came into the library and it was instantly next on the list to read.  I was going to read the next one in the pile but these always jump to the top of the list- not for long since this is the second to the last book!!!  Can you believe that I read the whole series in the matter of a few months?  I can't!! 
Tom Cavanaugh, a former Marine, moved back to his home town (Virgin River obviously) to take over the family orchard.  Nora Crane, mother to two young girls, came to orchard to get a job picking apples but Tom told her that he filled all of the jobs available.  As she is leaving, Maxie, Tom's grandmother, tells her to wait.  Maxie goes in and tells Tom that she is going to hire Nora because she is a single mother and needs a break.  Nora walks almost 4 miles to work and is the first there every morning.  Darla, the widow of a friend of Tom's, comes to visit the orchard and is everything Tom thinks that he wants.  But Tom quickly learns that she doesn't fit in to his life because she wants to change him and leave the orchard.  He quickly falls for Nora even though he is fighting to not want to fall in love with a woman and kids.  Pick up the book to find out all the surprises along the way!!
I can't believe that I finished it and I only have one book left in the series.  Here is hoping that she writes more soon.  I can't believe that I read through all those books so quickly but I hope that you pick one up and meet some of the great people of Virgin River.  Let me know if you have a favorite!!

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