Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Behave so Your Preschooler Will, Too Book Review

How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too! by Sal Severe was on my list for a little bit when I saw it somewhere and added it to my list that I needed to read.  I finally got around to it and I have to say it is one of the best parenting books that I have read.  The book is broken up into a lot of different chapters divided under parts.

1.  Introduction
2. Developmental Factors That Affect Behavior
3. Better Behavior Principles
4. Putting Better Behavior Principles into Practice
5. Applying Better Behavior Principles to Everyday Challenges

After reading that, don't you wonder if this was the most boring book ever??  Okay, it wasn't a page turner but it had a ton of interesting ideas on how to make preschoolers behave better.  There was a section on taking them to the grocery store, picking a preschool, how to use time out, and how to stop bad behaviors.  It was a very informative book and it seems that it would be as helpful as what to expect when you are expecting and those series to have as a reference book when your child starts acting crazy...because all kids do. 

There was a story about a child who woke up from sleeping with a nightmare.  Something that is really hard to help a preschooler with because they can't verbalize what they dreamed all the time.  The author said that between 3-5 years old, the child has trouble with the difference between imaginary and real.  Most of the bad dreams are from things that they were imagining during the day that carried with them until sleeping.  One of the parents helped their little one by trying to help them imagine a happy ending like mommy and daddy coming in and slaying the monsters.  The author discusses lots of issues and different responses to make sure that you find a solution that works for your child and your situation.

I hope that you check out this book from your local library or bookstore.  I know that I was excited to finish it since it did take me a little bit longer than normal with breaks for a least 4 different books that I read in the middle.  I hope that you learn as much as I did from this book!!!

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