Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gingerbread Scone

I know that gingerbread is supposed to be a holiday thing but I saw this recipe and it seemed like it would be a wonderful breakfast treat.  I decided that winter is enough of an occasion so I opted for the very tasty gingerbread scone as my first scone to make from scratch and boy, was my tummy happy.  My husband really loved them too and they were gone really quickly.

I got out all the ingredients to make sure that I had them all and I did mostly have them.  Check out the original recipe here.  I don't have allspice so I changed the spices to increase the cinnamon (because you can not have too much) and added a little nutmeg not in the original recipe.  Have I mentioned that I love recipes that use things that I always have at home and don't have to get special ingredients from the store to delay the process?  They are my favorite and they usually get made again :)

I mixed all the dry ingredients and then cut in the butter with a fork (because I don't have a pastry blender).

Then, I made a well in the middle of the flour mixture and added the liquid ingredients (which I had mixed in a measuring cup starting with milk and adding the other liquid ingredients).  I had used most of the molasses and I was at the end of the jar so I scrapped all the extra into the mixture too...yum!

After it mixed together, it pulled into a sticky dough.  I prefer to knead dough in the bowl when possible so that I don't get the whole kitchen dirty.  I added a little flour and mixed the dough into a ball.

With my hands, I flatten the dough onto a cookie sheet. I know that it looks sort of gross but it one of the ones that is supposed to be seasoned.  Don't you see my finger marks?

Then, I whisked the egg whites until they were bubbly.

I spread the egg whites on the top of the dough and topped with my white sugar crystals (in my Christmas sprinkle container).  It made a really nice topping but when I run out, I am sure that normal sugar will also be yummy.

I put cut marks into the dough and then baked the dough.  It didn't rise a lot which I had expected so I got flatter scones then I thought.  Next time, I might not spread out the dough as far but they were still super tasty and moist.

The cut marks made it much easier to divide the dough and get out nice triangles.

I hope that you try this recipe for yourself soon and challenge yourself to stay out of the hot scones straight out of the oven.  Because once you smell it, you won't be able to help yourself!!!  I know that I couldn't.  I might have had two right away since I was worried that they might be cooled when I got home from picking up my son.  I might have eaten more if I was still home :)  My husband told me to that he would totally eat that recipe again and he might have even requested that he get to eat the last one.  Normally, he saves the last ones for me so I know that he would like to have these again soon!!!!  I hope that you try them for yourself.


Gingerbread Scones

2 c. flour
3 T. brown sugar
2 t. baking powder
1 tsp ginger
½ tsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp nutmeg
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
1/4 c. butter
1 egg, separated
1/3 c. molasses
1/4 c. milk
sugar for sprinkling

In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients (first nine).  Cut in butter with a pastry cutter or forks until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Make a well in the center.  In a small bowl or measuring cup, stir together egg yolk, molasses and milk.  Add all at once to the center of the flour mixture.  Stir with a fork until combined.  Knead dough on a lightly floured surface for 10-12 strokes or until nearly smooth.  Add extra flour if needed to make not sticky (I added 1/8 cup flour).  Pat dough into a circle (or oval which is all that I can manage).  Beat egg white until frothy; brush over tops of scones and sprinkle with sugar.  Cut into 8-10 wedges.  Bake on an ungreased baking sheet at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Cool on a wire rack for 20 minutes before serving.

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  1. Hi, Alison! Thanks so much for linking back to my recipe. I'm so happy that you and your husband enjoy the scones - gingerbread is my all time favorite and it doesn't matter what time of year...

    1. I could eat these all year round. The last few times I have made chocolate chip ones but I think that these are my favorite!! I might just have to make a batch up today since it is cold and yucky here :)


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