Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books I Read in 2012

Last year, I set a goal of increasing my reading and hoped to get to 4 books per month.  It used to be one of my favorite hobbies but since I got pregnant (reading made me sick-almost like car sickness) and then had a little man running around, I didn't get to read anything.  With my new goal posted on the blog (and all of you to hold me accountable), I set to reading as much as I could from the library and my bookshelves.  Here is the post of all of things that I read in 2012.

January      5
February    6
March        9
April           8
May           4
June          10
July           10
August        8
September  3
October      5
November  4
December  6

Total Books Read in 2012       78

Average Per Month                  6.5

I am pretty proud that I stayed on and got way above my goal!  Looking forward to some more great reading next year.  Stay tuned for my list of 2013 books!!!  Super excited to read lots of books next year too!!!

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