Monday, December 10, 2012

Will I ever be done shopping???

Probably not!!!  This is the month of a lot of trips without a lot OOP (out of pocket) so I am super excited to be getting so many great deals but a little exhausted that I have been at the store so many times.  I grabbed some Better for Bread Flour at Harris Teeter....okay, I did this twice so that I have 4 bags.  I can't pass up a good deal on bread flour even though I have at least 6 Pillsbury Bread flours.  It is usually so expensive so if I can get it for the same price as normal flour then I know that I won't have to get gluten (and have the expense of the flour later).

Total OOP $5.24
Total Savings $9.12
I headed back to CVS before the week's ad ended to get some of the deals and use some rain checks (trying out a different one since the other one didn't have any more stock). I found the Hot Wheel car (or in this case truck) and the Scooby Doo fruit snacks.  I had four check outs but I mostly had my act together and they all worked out okay.  Last minute excitement was the Axe gift set with the new printable $3 coupon which I added and it is already wrapped and under the tree for a gift.  I used all my ECBs and ended up paying $0.15 for tax only.  I was really excited!!!  I also couldn't pass up the free Centrum Vitamins which I had to pay tax only for.

Total OOP $1.61
Total Savings $42.26

With what seems like my millionth trip to the store, we have only spent $21.33 OOP for the month.  Can you believe it???  I can't because it seems like I have spent the whole beginning of the month in the store.  I have some more gift cards to Giant and Walmart that I am going to back at the store spending soon :)  Stay tuned for many more trips to the store this month!!!

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