Friday, November 2, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip #2

I had to make the second trip with my little man in tow which makes the shopping challenging.  I had a list of three things to get and then the rest of the trip was totally made up!!  I knew that I had to start with the protein drink because it is right inside the door and then the salsa because it on the other side at the beginning of the store.  My son got very worried that two things went into the cart before he got cookies since it is usually our first stop.  I assured him that he would be fine and we headed to the cookies.

I grabbed the Smithfield bacon on the way to the Benecol butter.  Then, I continued starting in the middle of the store so that I didn't have to go back so that I could keep the little man in the cart.  Sadly, he saw the "car cart" as he calls it which is the cart with the car in the front where he can get in and out himself!!!  I greatly dislike this cart!!  I much prefer him wiggling and not being able to get out of the cart. 

We grabbed a few things that he wanted to keep in the front like the sprinkles which he said made great shakers.  He wanted to eat them but I told him that you have to buy things first.  Plus, I saw a nightmare in front of my face where he dumped it all over the floor...which as all of you who have seen a three year old eat know is highly likely to be the outcome.  Luckily, they stayed sealed until we can home and then he had to taste test each kind of sprinkle!  We grabbed two packages of batteries (pictured in front of the Tide) which he also found fascinating.  They stayed up in the cab of the car with him too.  I barely got them out of his hand.  Luckily, we had the best check out cashier because she let him hand each sprinkle so that she could scan them.

I actually ended this shopping trip when I ran out of energy (and patience) instead of getting everything that I wanted which is why I ended up with 6 Ore-Idas at the end of the trip since I still had coupons left that I didn't spend.  I was still pretty impressed on what I ended up with after a long and trying trip to the store (especially since I under prepared).

Total OOP $27.00
Total Savings $86.31+3.04 (Kleenex rain check)= $89.35

I used the rain check for the Kleenex from last Saturday to get the two 90 count boxes for $0.97 but I needed a third box for $1.77 to use the coupon.  YEAH Rain checks to save an additional $3.04 to bring up my savings total!!!

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