Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hannah's Art of Home Book Review

Hannah's Art of Home: Managing Your Home Around Your Personality (Capital Lifestyles) by Hannah J. Keeley was something on my reserved list at the library which appeared at the library after the power outage made me forget to change the dates on the books on my reserve list.  Even at 321 pages, it was a great read (even if a little slow going based on my schedule not the book itself). 

The book was broken into 6 parts with two or three chapters under each section.  Here is the list from the table of contents:

Part 1:  Your Home, Your Personality
Part 2: De-Clutter
Part 3: Organize It!
Part 4: Clean It!
Part 5: Decorate It!
Part 6: Live It!

The best part of the book is that it starts out by identifying four different personalities with a quick (25 question) test on page 21 (which I took using count on my fingers since I didn't have any paper at hand).  It breaks people into Masterminds, Creative Spirit, Mother Hen and Starry-Eyed Dreamer.  Each chapter ends with a step that each personality type can use in order to accomplish all of the things discussed in the chapter.  The great thing is that it is specially directed at the way that each personality works.

The hesitation that I have that this book is for everyone is that the author has lots of kids and big family so the book is for families and people dealing with children when dealing with the de-cluttering, organizing, cleaning, decorating, and living.  I think that these are very applicable to my life but not to everyone and it really isn't in the title or description of the book.  In addition, there is also a lot of mention of God (not referencing any particular religion) and if this is not something that you personally believe in, this might not be the book for you.

I hope that you pick up this book at your local library or bookstore and see if it is helpful for you!  I hope that you find it as interesting as I did to guide you in the direction of de-cluttering and organizing your family and home.  Now, I am ready to go to clean out my game closet :)  I hope that you get motivated by this book to keep making progress!!

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