Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest Post: Lowes Shopping with Super Doubles

Becca, a wonderful reader, contacted me to let me know the great deals that were going on at their Lowes store.  After having to admit that I don't have a Lowes Food in this area, I told her that I would love to post her trip on my blog and let other readers know about it.  Hopefully some lucky readers out there have this wonderful store.  Plus, we love to share our great trips and tell everyone how well we have done!!!  A big congratulations to Becca for a super trip even after a long day :)

Check out this picture:

Becca got Nissan Noodles, Honey Nut Cheerios Cups, Yogurt, Burritos, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Bush's Baked Beans and a whole bunch more.  What would you expect that she paid for all this???

Becca said "there are some Yakisobas you might not be able to see, but they were cheaper at Lowes than they were at HT and they had plenty when I went!  LF always keeps a nice stock.  I love my HT, the customer service is great but they do get wiped out pretty quick.  I told my husband I think even though the limit they will double is $1.98, I'm getting MUCH better deals there than at HT."

She came home with lots of food for the price that I would have paid for one soda at a convenience store back before I became frugal :)  We all know that this food will feed a family for a long time and how can you pass up the 96% savings.  Congratulations to Becca on her great trip!!!

Total OOP:  $1.93Total Savings:  $45.01

On a related note, I had a conversation with my mother in law that our stockpile was starting to dwindle on medicines and some other things because those are the deals that I always used to get at Rite Aid and the other stores haven't had the deals that Rite Aid used to have.  I also just read an e-mail from Food Lion which I haven't been to since they closed the Bloom (a branch of the Food Lion stores) near my house.  I got great meat deals and frozen food that I can't get at other stores which I now don't have. 

I think that everyone has their go to store to get there deals but I am going to work on expanding my stores that I can make sure that I am getting the best deals for my family.  I hope to check out a local health food store to see if they offer bulk spices.  I want to check out the dollar stores and their selection of items that might have coupons.  I am also going to check out Whole Foods and some other high end markets that are usually thought to be more expensive.  I used to think that of Harris Teeter to so I should learn from this post is that there are different deals everywhere and the ones that are the best are the ones that your family needs!!  Next mission, get to know the stores in the area.  Sadly, no Lowes Foods to add to the mix but I hope that you take this opportunity to do some homework and look into the different stores and what bargains they may hold.

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  1. Yay! Thank you for the feature, Alison! :) I have found I get my best medicine deals at Target with the Up and Up brand. We got alot of vitamin C drops, cough drops, Ibuprofen, etc with the up and up coupons they put on


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