Monday, November 12, 2012

Giant Shopping Trip: Mission Price Matching Turkey!

I had a list of things that I wanted to get at Giant with my $10 Community Credit this month.  I was going to spend it the other week with the deal on Stove Top and chicken but ran out of time before the ad was over and didn't make it there.  Super great because the turkey just went on sale and I wanted to get a second turkey to save for Christmas.  The great deal was that they were going to do a price matching to any other store in the area.  Since Harris Teeter was $0.12 less, I brought my ad with me.

I also won a Giant contest so I was thinking about waiting for the $10 gift card to come in too but I didn't want to miss the sale (and the price matching).  I headed out today when the little guy was in school (rushing at the end to make sure that I picked him up on time).  I started with my cart full of all my couponing supplies and my reusable bags.  Stopping quickly to pick up the u-scan scanner and I was on my way.

I grabbed the Russet Potatoes which were on sale for buy one, get one at $3.99.  I was super excited to get Russet Potatoes for the price that I normally have to buy white potatoes because they make some yummy baked potatoes...which we had for dinner tonight.  I will most likely be having for lunch during the week too!!! YUM!  I went straight down the aisle to find the Chi Chis tortillas that were on sale.  Sadly, the 10 count of the smaller soft taco shells were $1.99 and the larger 8 count of the fajita taco shells were on sale for $1.67 so I got the fajita shells after coupon for $0.57.  I love to fill the freezer with these when they are so cheap and a great way to get up my total towards the $25 needed to get the discounted turkey.

I walked right past the Stove Top so I went back and grabbed three of them.  Another reason why Giant makes me crazy with their sales, I could only buy three to get the 3/$3 price and all other quantities were $1.50 so it wasn't worth buying the fourth one to use the extra coupon.  Of well!!!  I grabbed six bags of marshmallows because I have plans to make Rice Kripie treats with my little man this week (and I guess a few more times over the holidays).

To the lunchmeat section to get the deals for my husband.  The lowest priced turkey was the Smithfield which we have never tried before so crossing my fingers on this one but it seemed like a good deal.  I got 12 packages of Buddig Ham which my husband loves in his sandwiches but also likes in his grilled cheese.  They were on sale for $0.50 each and I still had some $0.75/4 which I knew doubled from the last time that I was at the store which made all 12 packages $1.50!!!  After doing the calculations at home, I think that I better go back and spend the rest of my coupons because that makes to $0.12 per package instead of $0.99 normal price!!!

I was on my way to the freezer section to get Cool Whip and my turkey.  I put two Cool Whips from the end freezer section into my cart and headed towards the turkey section.  I picked an 18.5 pound turkey (normal price $27.62) and it was on sale for $10.94 with $25 purchase.  I decided to see if they have the chocolate Cool Whip in the section and if you haven't tried it before, it is amazing but they didn't have any :(  I decided to put in another two cool whips.  Then, I looked at my cart total and it was a little under $40 so just in case there was an issue with the fact that the Harris Teeter ad required $40 to get the price, I grabbed two more Cool Whip to make my total 6 Cool Whips :)

I realized that I forgot the Grandma Molasses, Country Crock butter, and the free Pepsi Next from my u-scan.  I got the Molasses and forgot the other two! 

I headed to the cashier and I had to get audited!!! UGH!  In case you don't do u-scan, this is when you scan something and take it off the order like the darn tortillas that were priced incorrectly on the shelf.  I had to wait for the customer service manager come over and do it.  I realized that I missed the free soda so the cashier told me to run and grab it.  I went to the aisle and they didn't have the right one.  I came back and told her and she told me to get another kind so I ran back and got a Diet Pepsi.  Made it back to check out before the customer service manager came over to audit. 

Got everything checked and then got back to checking out.  I got an additional $2.28 discount for the turkey price matching which was super easy!!  Then we got to the end and the coupons at the beginning rang up funny and the ones that were supposed to be for the tortillas were associated with the marshmallows so when she went to scan the marshmallow coupons, they didn't work!!  Luckily, she overrode the last four coupons that wouldn't scan.  The credit for the soda didn't ring up so I went to customer service and they gave me the cash back. 

The little hand in the front is pointing to the Cool Whip which is what he was patiently waiting for.  He had it on graham crackers and later for dinner had it on pancakes.  Someone loves Cool Whip and he is short and pretty cute!!!

I looked at the receipt and it looks like one of the coupons for $0.75 didn't ring up and wasn't overridden but I got $1.00 coupon that I can't figure out where it came from so I think that she accidentally overrode the wrong coupon so I only lost $0.50 from the double coupon but I still got a great deal and I did get $0.40 for my bag credit so hoping that I call this a draw.  It might be my best savings at Giant since using my $10 credit.  It would have been super cool with my $10 gift card but hopefully it will come before the end of the week so that I can get more ham and some other deals next month!!  With only $13 left in the budget this month, the gift card will come in handy later in the month to get a few things :)

Total OOP $20.29
Total Saving $77.48

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