Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two more trips to Harris Teeter... It pays to be prepared!

I went to Harris Teeter with the little man in tow to get Triscuits with my Free Triscuit coupon which got in the mail recently (I think that I requested it from Facebook).  I was super happy to see that Harris Teeter had them on sale Buy one, Get one so that I could get two with my handy dandy coupon.  I also had some coupons left for the Gerber products so I grabbed those since they were on surprise sale!!  I didn't have things prepared for a big shopping trip and the little man was not really in for any longer in the store so we left and he fell asleep in the car so I guess leaving was good timing.

Total OOP $0.60
Total Savings $13.10

I got the nifty Evic specials on my card and there was a Saturday only deal so I turned around to go back to Harris Teeter to get milk for $2.47.  There is a threat that we are going to loose power with the coming storms so I was having a hard time deciding whether I wanted to buy one milk or two but I got two just in case.

I also went with the hope that without the little man in tow, I would get more deals and I really did.  I got three cases toilet paper which were nearly the last left because of the coming storm and there were only a few on an end cap.  After much thought, I used my rain check since it was for $5.99 which was $1 less than the current sale price and I had a $0.55 printable coupon that was expiring on 10/30.  After all was said and done, they were $4.89 (or $0.40 per roll).  Can you believe that Cottonelle normally goes for over $11 (which is almost $1.00 per roll !!!).  I used to try to get toilet paper for $0.25 per roll but I think that those days are gone :(

I got some stuff for free which is always a great deal!!  I used the Nivea rain check that I have been holding on to forever to get six lipglosses for free after coupon.  I got the Wholly Salsa for free after printable coupon.

I got some other great coupon and Evic deals with Pringles for $0.97 which was $0.22 each after coupon.  The Hillshire Farms Turkey was on sale for $1.97 and there were no coupons which made me super sad.  I grabbed the Mazola Spray which was $0.89 each after sale and coupon.

I really wanted to get the Kleenex but they were out of almost all of the boxes... assuming since there was a limit of 2 boxes at $0.97, that the shelves were cleaned out in storm preparation too!!  UGH!  I did get a rain check and I hope that I can get a good deal on them before the coupon that I have expires in November.

They were also out of the baby food that I wanted to get so I still have one coupon left which I need to redeem soon!!!  Here is hoping for one more trip to Harris Teeter before the storm hits the east coast.

Total OOP $26.25
Total Savings $33.77 +$8.94 (Nivea raincheck)+ $16.50 (Cottonelle raincheck)= $59.84

I linked up at some great sites so you should check them out to see their deals too!!  I love to see how other people do with shopping trips :)

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  1. I got that triscut coupon and I thought of you when I went to HT to redeem it! I have to look at my receipt because I did get alot of stuff and my total was $69, but after coupons, $15!!! LOVE! Praying for you as you go through the storm. So far just rain here but I know it's coming. Thankfully we're prepared.

    1. I was so excited about the tiscuit coupon because awhile ago we got the Rosemary ones and they were super good but I was not going to be paying nearly $4 per box. Congrats on the great trip!! It really feels great to walk away with so much for $15. Of course, it does make me wonder when the people in front of had a total of $172 and they didn't even have that much!!


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