Friday, October 26, 2012

That Summer Place Book Review

My mother gave me a book years ago (I say five, she says less than that) and I finally got to reading some of the books that I had in a pile at the house.  Well, my piles moved because I got rid of my old night stands by the bed and got a "new" lawyers bookcase from my grandmother.  I have always wanted one because I love the glass fronts and it just looks so neat to me!!  We are super lucky that my grandmother gave us her antique one and I moved books from different piles so that they are all in one place now.  When I was done with the library books, I grabbed one off the shelf and it happened to be That Summer Place: Old Things\Private Paradise\Island Time by Jill Barnett, Debbie Macomber and Susan Wiggs.

This is probably not something that I would pick out at the library but it was a good book.  It was broken down into three mini-books written by each of the three authors.  The great thing about it was they were writing about the same place over different times.  It was a summer house called Rainshadow Lodge, outside Seattle.  I would like to put a disclaimer that they are all a little bit steamy love stories so if that isn't your thing, you can move on now. 

The first story was called Old Things and it was my favorite story about Catherine revisiting a childhood vacation spot with her kids.  She reconnects with her kids and her old teenage boyfriend.  Private Paradise is about Beth who is staying at the summer house with her son but her friends are supposed to be joining and it turns out she is going to spend a month with a stranger and his daughter.  The third story called Island Time what was about Mitch and Rosie who were working on a project to build a new marina on the island and they spent a month at the idyllic summer house.  Following through the stories left me wanting a little more of the story with each set of stories but I enjoyed the relaxing summer place and it makes you wish that you had a place like that to share with your family.

It is a nice light read that I would suggest picking up if you are at your local library or bookstore.  Have you read any other books by these authors?  I guess I will have to check them out and see if I like some of their other books too (after I get rid of the pile of books that are now neatly arranged on my new bookshelf).

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