Sunday, July 22, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip

I had to run into Harris Teeter the other day because we were totally out of lunchmeat!!!  A horrible state of affairs in this house.  I ran through the quick list of options of what to give my husband for lunch the next day but realized that I had plenty of time to stop by the store to grab some turkey after a puppet show at the library :)

We successful grabbed a green "race car" (although my my son thinks it is a race car because all the other ones are, this is really a rocket ship but please don't tell him because green is his favorite color and race cars are his favorite things).  Then we got sample cinnamon powdered sugar doughnuts and the kids sugar cookie!  It was like things were going right for us today.

We drove towards the next stop to get the lunchmeat and I saw the big bags of discounted bananas so I went running towards them.... okay, not really because I had a two hundred pound cart in tow so I slowly made a three (or four) point turn and made it over to the discount rack.  They were marked $0.29 per pound which is the best my store gets.  I picked up one bag to see if there would be enough to make two loaves of banana bread and there was.  An older couple came by and started trying to have a conversation with my son which went something like this... 

"Hi, aren't you cute?" said the nice old lady

"Yes, I like cookies!" said little man

"Oh really, what kind of cookies do you like?"  said the nice old lady

"I like cookies!" said little man

Me, trying to pay more attention to the bananas then my son... realize that he is telling me that he would like a cookie because they are all safely tucked in my pocket and he had finished the sample doughnut!

"He likes the Harris Teeter sugar cookies," I say while pulling the cookie out of my pocket and handing it to my son.  "He also likes banana bread too which is why I am trying to pick out enough to make a few loaves.  These are pretty good looking bananas too."  Sadly, meaning that it would take at least a week for them to be bad enough to make banana bread.

Have you ever found that now that you have kids, you share too much with other people in the store?  Lady gave me a strange look and continued to try to talk to a little boy who was shoving cookie in his mouth.  Could the conversation have been over now, of course not!

"I think that this bag looks good so we are going to get these ones buddy, okay?"  I said putting the bag of bananas in my cart so excited at my $0.64 worth of bananas and asking a question of a three year old.

Nice old lady still looking at me, says "I would never eat those." 

Umm, I am not sure how we got there but I tried my best to make a fast get away but I had the wrong cart so a three point turn later, I was at the lunchmeat section getting the lunchmeat.  Then, we quickly left the store via the cereal aisle to see what the deal was on the cereal.  Nothing great so we got lunchmeat and bananas. 

Total OOP $3.63
Total Savings $2.56 (plus banana savings not counted)

Monthly Update:
Monthly Total OOP $26.31
Monthly Savings $69.87

I have one trip to Harris Teeter and CVS planned this week but nothing else on my list.  I can't wait until Triples or Super Doubles to see if I can get some great deals and stock back up the pantry and freezer.  I have to get some food back in the house eventually so we will see if I get it done this month or next with the deals available.  Hope you are finding more deals then I am this month :)

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