Sunday, July 29, 2012

CVS Shopping Trip 7/29

I went through everything in the ad about a million times to figure out what I was going to get with my $10 ECBs burning a hole in my pocket.  My first item was the Coke for my husband.  Then, I added the CVS Children's Vitamins, CVS Painkillers, Tide, Suave Deodorant and Milky Way candy bars to my list.  Coupons in hand and off I went to CVS this morning at 8 am (which is when I used to shop when I went to the store every weekend).

Here is what I got:

Do you see anything missing from the picture?  Well, the Coke was on sale at my store for 4/$14 instead of 2/$9 as planned so I probably should have just gotten it but then I would have not gotten the Tide and gotten a smaller container of headache medicine so I opted to stay with my two quick transactions and not get the Coke.  Plus my husband loves Cherry Coke and they only had one so I would have had to buy other kinds that he didn't want and go to the other store and exchange it which is a headache.  I am going to check out how much a case of soda is at some other stores today and maybe pick one up later today as a special treat :) If not, I may use my $1 Green Bag Tag ECB to get one case!!
I finally spent my $10 ECBs and just in time since it expires tomorrow!!! I think that it was a slightly successful trip even if I didn't accomplish the mission.

Total OOP $1.51
Total Savings $46.31

Monthly Update:
Monthly Total OOP $50.89
Monthly Total Savings $181.66

Still hoping for one more trip to Harris Teeter and Target this afternoon to round out my shopping adventures for the month (plus the all important Coke purchase).  Hope that you are having a great end of month too :)

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