Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Easy Chimis for dinner

I bought these burrito sized flour tortillas and I didn't know what I was going to do with them but they were such a good deal at Harris Teeter on clearance that I couldn't pass them up.   I think that they were $0.25 per package.
They are measured by my famous unit of measure that my husband always makes fun of.... they are bigger than my head!  I decided that I would use some of my homemade frozen enchilada sauce and they tortillas to make a pan of chimis.  These are a self made recipe which changes every time but the method is still the same.  I had a friend ask how I made them so I thought that I would post it even though I mostly just made it up from watching cooking shows and working with what I had in the house.  Hope it helps you try this super easy recipe.

I shredded a big block of cheese that my mother in law bought us while she was visiting- we love cheese.  I made a pan of taco meat (cooking the ground beef and taking out the fat) and adding the taco seasoning from a packet.  Then I added leftover meat already seasoned, and two containers of pre-cooked seasoned rice.  All of this made for a huge pan of filling.
1.  Put the tortilla on the counter

2.  Add piles of cheese

3.  Add meat filling (or meat mixed with rice to make it a little more filling at lower cost)

4.  Top with more cheese (did I mention that we love cheese?)

5.  Fold over two sides towards center of filling.  It is best if they touch but they don't have to.

6.  Fold over two remaining open sides and quickly flip over so that opening is held close by the counter.

7.  Heat oil in skillet and lower to medium low and add flap side down to the pan to seal the open section.

8.  When the oil stops sounding like it is boiling and it is not bubbling as much, flip the whole chimi over to cook on the other side.  I usually use a flipper like I do for pancakes but one with slots to let the oil through.

9.  Remove and let rest on paper towels to absorb the grease.  Then put them in oven safe dish and top with enchilada sauce (and more cheese is optional but yummy).

I also ate one for lunch without the enchilada sauce just like a hot pocket while I was finishing making dinner.  They are a super good way to use up leftovers by adding anything your family would like to the taco meat or making it vegetarian.  The even better thing is that you can make these ahead and heat them up in the oven when it is dinnertime.  I hope that you enjoy some today and let me know what you think :)

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