Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everything Meals on a Budget Book Review

The Everything Meals on a Budget Cookbook: High-flavor, low-cost meals your family will love (Everything (Cooking)) by Linda Larsen was an interesting book that jumped off the library shelf the last time that I was there.

This book has a short but good introduction to explain how people can work on a budget to make their grocery budget go further.  I always think that it is a good introduction for people who haven't thought about some of these concepts before and in under 20 pages, it provides a great starting point to save money on food.  Cooking from scratch saves money and allows you to make yummy fresh goods whenever you want them (when you have the time).

There were a ton of recipes that looked great to me which included peanut butter bread, crescent rolls, graham cracker strudel muffins, beer cheese soup, corn dogs, potato tacos, and lemon chocolate pie.  The best part is they were things that my picky son and husband would also like ranging from snacks, breads, breakfast, soup, sandwiches, salads, meat and meatless main meals, and dessert.  I found 63 recipes that looked like they were made with ingredients that I either had or normally bought.  I am pretty excited to try some of these recipes and look forward to sharing them with you when I do make them!! 
Pick this up at your local library or bookstore to see if you are interested.  I hope that you like it as much as I did!!!

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