Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steak Sandwich with hash browns

So we had a fridge full of leftover food on Monday so I changed the food plan around a little and make something with the steak on Monday night for dinner.  My first thought was steak fajitas but then I remembered a conversation with my husband just a few nights before about favorite foods that he misses because we don't eat out anymore.  He really likes Philly Cheese steaks and I have not figured out how to make them yet.  So here was my chance to make a really yummy steak sandwich with great steak that was already seasoned and grilled.  I googled it to see if there were any ideas online but didn't find any really great ideas.  I started by buttering the two homemade hot dog rolls and browning them in the pan.  I love a crispy roll!!!  Then I cut up the leftover salt potatoes and steak.  I put some butter in the pan and started browning the potatoes.  I seasoned after with salt and pepper.  Then I put a little more butter in the pan and started browning the meat.  I had a 5 cheese blend that I was going to use.  I moved all the steak to one side of the pan and put the cheese on top to melt.  It did great so that I didn't have to put it under the broiler to get it nice and gooey!!!  It was the best sandwich that I have made!!!  It really hit the spot and I used up lots of leftovers in the process.  We might even plan for this next time because it was so great!! 

I hope that you try a steak sandwich for yourself and see what you think!!!  Not really a Philly Cheese steak but still hit the spot!  We thought it was great!!!  What do you think?

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