Sunday, March 18, 2012

The New Frugality book

I have picked out this book twice at the library.  Last time I had to return it because I didn't want to keep renewing something that I hadn't started reading but this time I was set on finally starting The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better by Chris Farrell.  It was a slow start because the first 50 pages (or so) were dedicated to history and the Great Depression.  It was interesting information but I always have a hard time being interested in history and history with economics tossed in there was really tough for me to be super interested in but I kept reading.  It was only 218 pages so I was determined that I would get through it.  I am not sure if I would recommend it for other people to read because it wasn't as interesting as other books on the subject are but there was some information that was helpful (such as the websites listed below).

There were some websites to check out that I haven't gotten to yet but I have written on my list of things to check out (please let me know if one is a great resource for fun information and I will do the same): to find a fee based financial planner planning tools (some free and others cost money) basic financial planning tools with spending information researching different 529 plans

Great resources for frugal ideas:

I am hoping to find more interesting information on the websites when I get a chance to check some of this information.  Check out the websites and let me know if you find anything good!!!  Hope you like the review and let me know if you read it, what you think!  Remembering that it is written by an economist makes a different read :)

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