Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Make Yogurt Smoothies

I had yogurt that I got for free during some of the sales and my son was only interested in drinking his yogurt so I decided that I would make a yogurt smoothie.  I mixed the yogurt with V8 Vfusion Smoothie drink.
I mixed the two together and he started to drink it through a straw but whenever he got to a chunk, he spit it out.  So not a successful plan and really messy!

I did one yogurt in the blender with the juice to cut up all of the strawberry chunks.
Then, I decided to be on the safe side and put it through a strainer to get out any remaining chunks.

I didn't get any chunks but I did get tons of seeds.  So I put it all in a container in the fridge and I was able to serve my son a healthy yogurt smoothie that he loves!!  YEAH!  I highly suggest it for anyone looking to have a yummy yogurt drink or trying to get a little one to try a yummy treat!!  Frugal Note:  If you don't have V8 Smoothies drink, you can use a little bit of any drink that goes with the flavor of yogurt or apple juice :) 

Hope you enjoy a homemade yogurt smoothie yourself soon!!!

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