Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hopefully last trip of the month to Harris Teeter 3/27

This morning after my son's doctor appointment.  I decided that instead of staying home and cleaning up the house for our playdate, we were going to run errands!  He was already in his car seat so it sounded like a great idea. 

I ran into the house to grab a few things since this was not a planned outing.  First, we went to the bank drive through where he requested a red lollipop (a first time for this color choice so I was a little worried but turns out that candy is candy because he loved it). 

Then, we went to the library to return one book and get two others that just came in that I reserved.  I told him that we weren't looking for books and we could only do this (lollipop in mouth) if I carried him.....  There were no parking spaces up close so that was my exercise for the day but at least we didn't have to stop and get more books and DVDs for him this time.  In case you didn't know, our library has a limit of 50 items out at a time and last time we went over it because I didn't bring any books back and he wanted to check out another 20 books!!! Luckily, this time it was crisis averted with the help of the bank lollipop :)

Last stop, grocery store.  His favorite place to go with free cookies and a car shopping cart to drive.  We were in our green race car driving quickly down the aisle towards the cookies and I was trying to figure out a plan of what we needed.... probably something that I should have done before leaving the house but it is the last day of the sale. 

With my eagle eye, I saw that there was one more container of the Davidson's eggs which would only be $0.25 after triple coupon.  I was so excited because I had been to the store four times looking for them.  Who can pass up a dozen eggs for a quarter?  NOT ME!!!

Headed into the first aisle to see what other good stuff was there that we needed.  I had a rain check for Planters Peanut Butter which was 5/$8.  I had 5 coupons for $1 off so it was $3 for all the peanut butter.

Then we walked to see if they had the meatballs and bread crumbs but they didn't have either :(  Instead, I found the Special K Cracker Chips which were on sale for $2.50 and I had a $0.70 coupon so it was $0.40 after coupon. 

Then I decided that I would get a package of chicken but it needed to be around $3.35.  There was only one package that met that at $3.39 (3.42 pounds). 

I got to the register and crossed my fingers that this would all work out okay.  They rang through the rain check first on the peanut butter without any problems and finished the rest of the order.  The $7 Pampers credit came off with all of the other store promotions but I really didn't pay attention to the total.  I gave them my coupons and they all rang through without any issues and my final subtotal was $0.04!!!  Total OOP was $0.38 which was almost all tax :)  This might be my lowest trip to Harris Teeter ever!!  The receipt said that I saved $24.65 but that didn't even include the rain check discount for the peanut butter which was another $7.75 off shelf price so total savings was $32.40 for my quick trip into the grocery store!!

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