Friday, February 24, 2012

Month End Budget Update

The month is almost coming to a close and it has come to a shopping close for me with my last trip to go buy bread this morning.

Okay, so the picture adds confusion of how I ended up with Tide too!  I had two smaller Tides which were not the HE kind that I need for my washer so I brought them back and exchanged them for the bigger one which is the only one that has the HE in the Tide Free for our sensitive skin household.  I only had to pay $0.35 for my exchange so it worked out well.  I should have done it when the bigger ones were on sale and I would have made a profit!  NUTS!

Wondering how the month worked out?  I was too after this mornings trip so I sat down to crunch the numbers and see where I ended up :)  This is the first month that I tracked the spending, savings, and total cost.  It ended up being interesting knowledge for me too.

Drum roll please.......

Month Total      $160.57
Month Saved    $573.76
Total Cost         $734.33

78.1% savings for the month

I can't believe that I would have spent $734.33 in a "normal" month pre-coupons but that was also pre-baby so I know that it would be different then I think... might even be higher.  I was only $0.57 over my budget but part of it was the trading in of the Tide and one last package of diapers the other day at CVS before my ECBs expired so I thought it was worth the extra pocket change.  I hope that you did as well with your goals for the month.  Looking forward to March!!!

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