Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day of Errands with a little man

Against my better judgement, I decided to run a few errands with my son.  We went to the bank first were the teller gave us three lollipops.  I was thinking that I might have to use the "spares" for bribing during our trip.  We had our yellow lollipop through the car ride and our first stop at Giant.  It started to break into pieces but the calm remained. 

The fastest self scan trip in Giant history.  My son handed me each bag and I put the items right in with his help.  We did self check out and I forgot that the new barcode doesn't scan at self-check out.  I thought I was being quick but then one of the guys had to come over and enter in each coupon by hand.  Of well, I am not the one who changed the barcodes so I can only apologize so many times.  I got 6 jars of Chi Chi's salsa, 2 jars of Pace Salsa, 2 boxes of Premium Minis, and 3 Knorr Rices (pictured on left at the bottom).  The great part was that the salsa was on sale for $1.67 and I had a $0.50 coupon which doubled to make them $0.67 which will be great to eat or use to cook with in case my husband is not a fan of the flavor.  I also got a $0.50 credit for uscan with the Nabisco crackers.  I got an even better surprise during the check out, my Giant website input provides $10 monthly if you go on the website once a week and it was already on the account so my total OOP was only $2.29.  The total before savings was $36.00 and the total savings listed was $33.90!!! Check out that receipt :)

 Then we went to Harris Teeter next which is my son's favorite place to go because they have cookies.  See how he eats his way through errands???  I wanted to check for a few things that I forgot yesterday when I was at the store doing my big trip.  I just remembered that there was one other thing that I didn't look for!!!  I am not going back again because it is very costly :)  I got two boxes of cheese its, meatballs and $0.58 clearanced bananas (waiting for banana bread).  The total was $6.07 and the saving was $8.28 but I never feel great leaving with one bag of groceries and paying so much.  I guess I paid the entertainment surcharge for cookies for my son :) 

Anyway, my shopping week better be over today because I reached the weekly average so my monthly total is currently at $40.72.  I think that I got most of the high priorities that were on my son and husbands list.  I guess we will see what the coming weeks of sales brings!!

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