Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cinnamon and Sugar Pie Crust Cookies

Okay, so my creativity is running to an all time low here at the end of the month but I usually bake on Wednesdays and/or Fridays because they are preschool days.  My son told me this morning for breakfast that he wanted me to make him brownies.  He went to the cupboard and got out the box and handed it to me.  He thinks that the brownie magically come out of the box ready for him to eat and that I would give him a brownie for breakfast.  Neither of these things being true, I looked in the fridge and I saw my last two eggs and told him that I would make them while he was at school.  The brownies call for 2 eggs so it was a match made in heaven.  Son happy and easy baked good done!  This should mean that I have the rest of the day to put my feet up and eat bon bons!!!  Well, I decided that I was going to make Cinnamon and Sugar Pie Crust cookies.  My mom left me a box of pie crust mix that she bought (she said by accident which I don't know what that means but don't ask if you don't want to know) so I figured that I would use it to make the recipe that I saw the other day for cinnamon and sugar pie crust cookies.  Drat!!  Forgot to bookmark it... starting internet search to double check.  Found!!  Back on for Cinnamon and Sugar Pie Crust Cookies.  Start the search for cookie cutters that aren't Christmas or Halloween (stopped to daydream about cookie cutters, note to self:  add to Amazon wish list).  Found a heart, snowman, teddy bear, lighthouse, and star thingy (see in picture at the bottom). 

How to actually make them:  I made the dough per the package directions but it would be great to use the roll out pie crusts which is what I plan on doing with the pie crust in the freezer next.  That way I won't have to roll out the dough and my son can help cut the cookies.  Put the cookies on a cookie sheet and brush with melted butter.  I just melted some of the spread from the fridge. 

Shake with cinnamon and sugar shaker.  Bake at 375 degrees for 12-14 minutes.  The smaller the cookies, the lower the time.  I ate some right off the tray and they were super yummy and fluffly layers.  I tried a few different shapes just to be sure and they were all equally good.

They are a super yummy treat (especially if you have extra pie dough sitting in the freezer from the holidays and no flour or eggs left in the house to make anything else).  I would have eaten the whole tray on this cold. rainy day if I didn't think that would make my son and husband said to not get to try them.  I will let you know what they think but I am sure that these are going to rank out there with their favorites.  Easy as rice krispie treats with all of the satisfaction of making something yummy for your family (or yourself, I won't tell).  Hope you enjoy!!!

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