Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trip to Giant for lunchmeat

I went to Giant this morning to check to see if they had any local papers left with coupons because my husband went earlier in the week and didn't find any.  I decided to look to see if they had any lunchmeat since my husband said that he would really like a ham and cheese sandwich on Monday. 

I was going to pick up 4 pacakages since I had a coupon for $0.75/4.  The Buddig ham was on sale for $0.49 instead of the new price of $0.99 so I went for it and got 8 packages.  After the $0.05 bag credit and two coupons, the total was $0.93.  The cashier said that it was a good deal and I was amazed on how well it worked out!  I wished that I had a few more of those coupons but I used them all up :(  It might be a great sale even without the coupons but check out the receipt below... I saved $7.05!!!

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