Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taco Wontons are yummy

I made these a long time ago because I had a coupon which made the Nasoya wonton wrappers about $0.60 during super doubles at Harris Teeter so I thought that they deserved a try.  Once I tried them, I was in love.  I made them into homemade chips and those cute tortilla strips like they have for salads.  I also decided to make sausage and cheese stuffed pasta (not my best creation but okay).  Then the best creation was leftover Mexican stuffed in and fried crispy.  I have done the taco meat and spicy Mexican rice in the past but this time I have taco meat and saffron rice.  I could have taken pictures step by step but I really just followed the instruction in the package.  I laid 6 wontons on my cutting board and wet the outside of wonton on all four sides with a little water bowl that I had next to them.  I spooned the slightly heated mixture of rice and taco meat into the center of the wonton and put as much shredded cheese on top as I could.  Then I folded into a triangle and sealed the edges.  I normally pan fry in oil but I had just cleaned the fry daddy so I used that instead.  They turned out wonderfully yummy.  We also had leftover cheese dip from my son's third birthday so that was extra yummy dipping sauce too!!! 

I think that this is a great idea to use lots of leftovers because it is like a brand new meal but not tons of dishes in the sink to wash :)  I hope that you decide to try something fun like this because there are so many ideas to make those leftovers into a whole new meal!!!

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