Friday, January 6, 2012

Shop 'til you drop (or preschool gets out)

I stopped at Giant first after dropping my son off at preschool.  I am part of an online community for Giant to give opinions and get credits for my opinions.  I got an e-mail that said I got $5 for signing up and being active.  Then I checked online and I got $10 for being on every week.  Then I got another $10 gift card that they were mailing for doing surveys but that was in the mail so I didn't know how long that would take.  I decided that I should go before they expired and boy, I am glad that I did!!!  I didn't really know what I was going to get but I figured that I would make it up as I went through the store.  I asked my husband what he thought and he told me that he was sure that I would figure out the best way to get the best deal.  Of course, he also said that if I just wanted to throw the money away that he would really like the Bertolli Oven Baked Sausage Shells which is one of our favorites but normally priced at $8.  He was a lucky man because it was on sale for $6 so I added it to the already full cart :)  I got one package of lunchmeat, 4 Buddig Hams, 2 lunchable sandwiches, Funfetti Whoppi Pies, head of lettuce, Splenda, 3 Pampers wipes, and 6 boxes of cereal.

 I thought it was a good pile of stuff and my OOP was $7.40.  Total savings was $54.83 which was almost as good as super doubles but I got a bunch of stuff that I can't usually get at Super Doubles.  I probably should have returned the Splenda when I realized that I was well over the total needed to use!

Then I went to Babies R Us because I had rewards to use but they couldn't be used on diapers so I was stumped on what I was going to get so I had to shop the whole store.  I found Cars sheets for my son and got three Christmas reusable bags that were on clearance.  My total was $6.41 oop and saved $13.36.

Then I had a coupon from the paper for a free hot chocolate at Dunkin' Dounuts so I stop in there to get a mint Hot Chocolate (which is excellent if you haven't tried it yet)!!

Then I wanted to see if Pier One had any of their Christmas reusable bags which I got last year.  They did not have any but they had a bunch of other deals.  I got two penguin kaleidoscope (for the kids for Christmas next year), penguin wine charms (a gift for a penguin loving friend), and 6 mini diffusers for teacher gifts.  My total for everything was $10.73.  Everything was 75% off so I saved a ton but they didn't have any reusable bags :(

Then I headed to Harris Teeter which was the main stop of the day.  I got tons of stuff on my first check out and the Brats where such a good deal that I went back and got two more (the cashier pointed it out so how was I going to pass them up).  I spent $45.25 OOP on both transactions and got 6 bananas (clearanced for $0.64), 2 Smart Balance tubs, 1 Smart Balance sticks, 3 Smart Balance peanut butter, 2 Kleenex tissues, 2 Stayfree pads, 2 Honey Bunches of Oats, Jar of Yeast and 5 Johnsonville Brats.  I also got 21.37 pounds of chicken, not pictured.
I saved $132.85 per my two receipts below and now have a ton more work to do on the chickens.  I cut up the chicken that I got the other day so at least there was room in the fridge :)

When I got home, I found the $10 Gift Card for Giant in the mailbox.  I was tempted to head right back out but I am going to get together my coupons and go tomorrow to get some more cereal :)  Right now I am ready for a nap!!!

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