Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Panini Process

How to make the perfect panini:

1.  Make a loaf of bread the night before.  I tried American Sandwich Bread (will post next) for the first time.

2.  Cut loaf of bread and take break to test bread (yummy plain but need to try some with butter too).

3. Unpack wonderful new Cuisinart Griddlers from best Aunt and Uncle for Christmas  (THANKS!)

4.  Put together the pieces of the new griddler and review directions and check out how cool it looks :)

5. Cut leftover buffalo chicken tenders which were made extra to make paninis.

6.  Butter bread for paninis.

7.  Take out shredded cheese and be really glad you did this before since you have already made a mess of the kitchen.

8.  Get everything plugged in to start preheating and put all the stuff around the griddle for easy access.

9.  Get paninis arranged on griddle and (be amazed that you can now make two instead of one like on the old panini maker) put cheese, meat and then cheese and top with other buttered bread.

10.  Wait 3-5 minutes and then you have yummy hot buffalo chicken paninis for lunch :)  The bread is bigger than the plate but it was super yummy still!!!

Wasn't that the 10 easiest steps to getting a yumy sandwich for lunch?  If you don't have the wonderful new Christmas gift that I do, you can use a plain pan, griddle or grill pan on the stove and wrap a brick in aluminum foil and put it on top.  It pushes the two sides together and makes it flat on both sides.  It is a very frugal panini press :)  Hope that you all enjoy!!!

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