Sunday, January 8, 2012

CVS Sunday trip 1/8/12

I did go to CVS this morning but nothing important to report.  I bought M&Ms which are my son's favorite candy and they were on sale for $0.75 with $0.75 ECB back.  I had $0.50 ECB from the quarterly bonus so the total for the first transaction was $0.26.  Then I bought the paper with my $1 from the green bag tag and the $0.75 that I just got from the candy and my total was $0.26.  Strange that I did two tranactions that were exactly the same amount right?  I had to sneak the candy into the cupboard before I was spotted by a roving three year old with eagle eyes for "special treats."  The best news if that it was no money out of pocket because I used my gift card :)

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